25 May 2014

Warm weather at last!

16th to 18th May 2014

Our second new site in 2014, and another one we have thought about visiting for a while – Kendal Caravan Club site.



This is a foresty site, with pitches scattered randomly amongst trees, which is nice once you are in but it does mean some pitches are a bit difficult to get into.  D likes to be able to line the caravan up with the side of the pitch, but not this time.  The pitch we chose was sloping quite a bit from front to back, too, so we had to lower the front of the caravan right down.  A bit shady for some, maybe.  Good facilities, but not enough of them (in the gents at least), with queuing both mornings!


Kendal is not really within walking distance, but we had a go anyway.  A nice walk along the river Kent to start with, then along the disused Lancaster canal.  We got a couple of miles, then saw a sign saying 2.5 miles still to go so we gave up!

IMG_4220The river Kent

Back at site the weather was nice enough for our first barbecue of the year, which was a resounding success.  Afterwards we walked to the nearby Strickland Arms, which has become one of our favourite pubs anywhere.  It was even warm enough to sit outside for a while.


Too hot to do any strenuous walking, so we strolled to nearby Sizergh Castle, hoping to use our National Trust membership cards to gain free entry.  We managed to get into the gardens but the actual castle is only open Sun-Thu.  Oh well, the gardens were nice and we got to see a bee keeper in action.





Stopped off at the Strickland Arms on the way back for a quick drink, then in the evening we drove to Scout Scar.  It took us a while to find the starting point of the walk, and when we got onto the ridge it was very windy so we didn’t hang around long.

IMG_4295The “mushroom” on Scout Scar – nice place for a picnic


Back to the Strickland Arms in the evening and once again it was warm enough to sit outside for a while.


A very early start because J had to get home to go to a baby shower!


Coming soon…

Nothing booked yet, but probably a three night trip to Coniston at the end of the month.  We’ve started looking at caravans on Ebay, too…..  

1 May 2014


25th to 28th April 2014

Our second visit to Hendre Mynach, Barmouth, our first visit being around the same time last year.  We really are creatures of habit, aren’t we!


A pretty good site, facilities not quite up to CC or C&CC standards, but an excellent choice if you want to visit Barmouth, which is just a short(ish) stroll or cycle ride along the promenade.


It’s a long way to Barmouth from Liverpool, mostly on A roads, so having to go home when we were halfway to the storage site to get forgotten cash cards didn’t help!  We got there later than usual, and then it took ages to put the awning up, but we got a good pitch in a nice, quiet part of the site.


A very rare outing for our bikes this weekend, so we were in Barmouth town centre a few minutes after setting everything up.  Not sure why we don’t take the bikes away more often…well, it’s a bit of a hassle getting them on, then having to worry about tight turns and nose-weights…!


Our pub of choice for the weekend was The Last Inn, and we had a couple of drinks there followed by fish and chips on the promenade.


Not a particularly good weather forecast, so we shelved the idea of a walk up Rhinog Fawr - supposedly the toughest in Wales! - and went for a stroll in the hills above Barmouth instead, culminating in the “panorama walk”, which we thought sounded nice.  It turned out to be a steep walk through trees, although it is possible we missed the best bit due to poor navigation!

Untitled IMG_4137



No chance of a barbecue this weekend, so we ate in the caravan and then cycled to the Last Inn, stopping on the way to take some picture of the high tide waves.



The pub was very crowded and we couldn’t get a seat, so we sat and shivered outside for one drink. We popped into the co-op on the way back for treats, then headed back to the caravan.



The weather forecast for today…nice in the morning, horrible in the afternoon.  It turned out to be pretty accurate.

We cycled along the Mawddach trail to Dolgellau in the morning.  We’ve walked and cycled along this trail before and it is one of the best traffic free cycle paths we have ever been on.  Easy going and nice scenery.  Dolgellau was pretty much shut when we got there, but we managed to get a cup of tea.



Stopped at the George III pub, Penmaenpool, on the way back.  This is a really nice pub, one of D’s favourites anywhere, but we have never been able to spend any time there because we have always had to get back somewhere.  Same today, so just the one drink.

Got back to Barmouth just as it started to rain, but you can’t come to the seaside and not have an ice cream…



It continued to rained into the night.  We drove to the Last Inn and had an excellent dinner…sea bream for D, steak for J…but just the one drink.  Had we not been driving we would have stayed all night!


Homeward bound, after a short stroll on the promenade.  A long drive, not helped by missing a turn early on and having to backtrack!

Coming soon…

Nothing planned…D is struggling to get time off work, and other commitments are making planning difficult!