7 Jul 2019


5th to 7th July 2019

It's back to the Kendal C&MC site after a four week break.  We have had to put caravanning on hold for a while because we want to move, and the last four weeks have been spent showing people around our house and looking at houses to buy.  We think it is all sorted now, though, our house is sold and we have found somewhere we want to buy, so we thought we'd treat ourselves to a weekend away while the surveyors and solicitors do their stuff.


A traditional Friday start, there was quite a queue when we got there and the site was pretty full.  All of our regular pitches were taken so after driving right around the site we settled on pitch no. 99.

Pitches 99 and 100 are in a clearing on their own, but quite close together.  Luckily pitch no. 100 was vacant, so we had the clearing to ourselves!

Light rain was forecast in the evening so we thought we'd postpone the planned barbecue until the following night.  Instead we walked to the Strickland Arms for a few drinks and a small fish and chips for dinner.  The rain didn't come and we were able to sit outside until 9ish.


In the morning we went for a walk along Scout Scar.

We've been here before, but it is a nice place to be on a hot, sunny day, and not too strenuous.

In the afternoon we lazed around the caravan trying to put people off choosing the pitch opposite, but it wasn't to be.  The site was still pretty full and a motorhome joined us late in the afternoon, and parked with its door facing us, like a continental caravan.  It was too big to turn around in the clearing!  Grrrrrr!

We went for a walk along the river and when we got back the people in it had gone out, so they didn't bother us at all as we had the postponed barbecue.  We sat outside all night, enjoying a bottle of wine and enjoying the peace and quiet.  Something of a first, for us, we didn't spend a penny all day!


No sign of the people in the motorhome as we packed everything away, and we were home in the house before midday.

Coming soon...

The Hawkshead Brewery beer festival in a couple of weeks, but it all depends on the house move now...

4 Jun 2019


2nd to 4th June 2019

Our first trip of the year to the Kendal C&MC site, which was our most visited site last year, and a Sunday start to miss the back end of half term.


Lots of pitches available on late availability, so we knew we would get a good one.  Unfortunately the site's best pitch (and the best pitch of any site, anywhere) was taken, so we settled for the one next to it - pitch no. 22.  We weren't too disappointed - it's almost as good.

It started raining just as we pulled up, so we got soaked setting everything up.  Then we didn't want to chance walking to the nearby farm shop, so we drove instead and spent a small fortune of exotic sausages and hamburgers for the evening's barbecue, and taste of game crisps and local beers.  We had a quick drink in the Strickland Arms, too.

The barbecue was a great success, although it would have been cheaper to eat out!

The weather improved so we walked back to the Strickland Arms in the evening, but just had one drink.


We went for a shortish walk to High Dam and Stott Park Heights, which are near Newby Bridge.

A mostly cloudy morning, although it did brighten up towards the end of the walk.  Nice view of Windermere from the top.

On the way back to the site we stopped off at the farm shop and spent another small fortune on things we didn't really need.

The plan was to walk in to Kendal in the afternoon, but instead we decided to stay around the site instead.  After lunch we went for a walk along the river, towards Kendal, but only as far as the first bridge, then walked bank along the other side of the river.

Who says cows aren't cute?

We had dinner and a couple of drinks in the Strickland Arms, and were a bit disappointed to find all of the mouth watering specials from yesterday had gone.  Then D sat outside the caravan until it got too cold and J amused herself inside.  Great fun watching the rabbits and listening to the birds...very peaceful.


We got through a lot of bird food this weekend...

...but we don't think it was eaten by birds.  We didn't see any squirrels, but the evidence is stacked against them.

We left at 10am and were home in the house by midday.  We really like Sun/Mon trips and might start doing more of them, although it does mean using up holiday.  Roll on retirement.

Coming soon...

Nothing booked at the moment, but we want to cram in as many trips as possible in June.

20 May 2019


17th to 20th May 2019

The C&CC site in Ravenglass never disappoints, so we were looking forward to this three night trip, and a half decent weather forecast was the icing on the cake.


We weren't looking forward to the grueling three hour journey, though, but that's the price you have to pay to get to what is still our favorite site.

Whenever we book this site we ask for one of a range of pitches, much to the wardens amusement, and they didn't let us down this time.  If we were being picky we could moan about the motorhome next to us parked the wrong way around, with its door facing us, but we went in nose first (with the wardens permission) so maybe they were moaning about us too!

After setting everything up and testing our new dab radio aerial (which was a great success) we strolled into the village and had a drink sitting outside the Inn at Ravenglass, which was surprisingly busy all weekend.  There aren't many better pubs to sit outside on a nice sunny afternoon.

Then we had our first barbecue of the year.

Later we went back in to the village but it had clouded over, so not the best sunset we have ever seen here.  Still pretty good, though.  The pubs in Ravenglass close at 10pm so we didn't stay out late.


A solo walk for D, to Buckbarrow and Seatallan.

Quite steep to start with and then a long, gently sloping slog from Buckbarrow to Seatallan.  Excellent views of the surrounding fells, although it was cloudy most of the time.

After lunch, we went for a walk along the estuary and more drinks in a couple of pubs.

Dinner in the caravan, then back into the village for a charity pub quiz at the Inn at Ravenglass.  We thought it would be packed but there were only four teams.  We came third.  The man in last place was on his own!  The site wardens won.

No sunset tonight, it was too cloudy again.


A walk on the beach, which turned out to be quite hard on a hot, mostly sunny day.  Well worth the effort, though, and we didn't see a soul.

We think Drigg dunes and gullery nature reserve is a really nice place to be.

Nice place for a picnic

Later we had dinner in the Pennington hotel (because the Ratty Arms was full) and then watched the sunset outside the Inn at Ravenglass.  Again, not a very good sunset because it had clouded over.

Then we had a visitor...

We didn't let her in!  Apparently she is nothing to do with the site and must live in the village somewhere.  Too well groomed and friendly to be a stray.


The long journey home wasn't helped by a bit of traffic near Sizergh, but apart from that it was uneventful and we are up to date with the Archers again.

A really good trip, we'll be back in September or October.

Coming soon...

We'll probably stay at home for the bank holiday, then maybe somewhere in Cumbria again.

14 May 2019


12th to 14th May 2019

It's pretty much impossible to get in to the Castleton C&MC site at weekends...so we gave up and opted for a Sun/Mon trip instead!


A downside of any trip to Derbyshire, for us, is the journey through Stockport and other suburbs of Manchester, but today there was almost no traffic to contend with.  We arrived just after midday and joined a queue of caravans and motorhomes waiting to get in.  A daily occurrance according to the warden.  This is a very popular site!

The check in process was pretty quick, though, and we managed to get a good pitch overlooking  a field with sheep and lambs in it...and squirrels, who we had to keep chasing away from the bird feeder.

The village of Castleton was packed in the afternoon, but it quietened down a lot later in the day.  After a couple of drinks we had dinner in the caravan...well, pizza and chips sitting outside.  We were kicking ourselves for not bringing the barbecue.

Then we went to the Cheshire Cheese for their weekly pub quiz and bingo and play your cards right...pretty much everything really.  We didn't win anything, but we did get more in the quiz than a team of 10  people so we were pretty pleased with ourselves.


We ended up doing an out and back walk to the summit of Kinder Low, abandoning the original plan of a circular walk taking in Brown Knoll.

We like the summit of Kinder Low...lots of interesting rock formations and quite atmospheric.  Can't immediately think of a better summit anywhere.  In comparison Brown Knoll looked pretty featureless and an unnecessary diversion on an increasingly hot and sunny day.  Not many pics because we forgot to charge the camera and had to eke out battery life.

In the afternoon we had another wander around the now much quieter village of Castleton, and had dinner in the George.  This pub is under new management and much improved, we think.  Then more drinks in more pubs.  Far too much drinking this weekend, but that is what always happens when we come here.  Too many nice pubs!  We visited four out of six this time.

We noticed a poster advertising concerts in one of the caverns and booked to see 80's and beyond Liverpool band Half Man Half Biscuit in August.  Of course, the Castleton C&MC site is full (the concert is on a Friday) so we have booked to stay at the one in Buxton instead and drive in.  A concert in a cave...sounds interesting.


Not such a good journey home...lots of weekday traffic.  Annoyingly, the stabilizer has started creaking a lot recently but we are telling ourselves it's just because it is working properly.  Let's hope that is the case.

Coming soon...

A three night trip to our favourite site...the C&CC site in Ravenglass.

28 Apr 2019


26th to 28th April 2019

1 Apr 2019


29th March to 1st April

A three night trip to one of our favorite sites - Castlerigg Hall, Keswick.


No problems on the roads this time, so we arrived more or less when we wanted to and slotted into pre-allocated pitch no. 22.  Great view from this pitch.

It was warm enough to have lunch al-fresco and sit outside for a while, even for J!  Then we walked down the hill into Keswick and had dinner in the Wainwright, which is our pub of choice in Keswick.  We got a taxi back to the site.


Not as sunny today, but it didn't rain until late afternoon when we were safely back in the caravan.

We drove to Derwent water and got a ferry to Lodore, then walked back along the shore to Nichol End, about 4 miles.

Nice easy walking, D was saving himself for a more strenuous walk the next day.

The plan was to get a ferry from Nichol End back to Keswick, but we had all day hop on hop off tickets so we got one going anti clockwise round the lake instead, which took about 45 minutes.

A couple off odd looking trees...

We stopped off at Booths on the way back to the site to pick up some supplies for a quiet night in - cheese, beer, crisps etc.  The weather improved later and we got to see a pretty good sunset from the site.

Later we popped in to the nearby Heights Hotel Crag Bar, but it was almost empty and we only stayed for one drink.  It's very dated and lacking in atmosphere (although the background music was nice and jazzy this time, a nice change from the usual classic rock), but it serves Loweswater Gold and we like the man who runs the hotel with just his wife helping, we think.  A trip to Castlerigg Hall wouldn't be the same without going to the Crag Bar.


An early start for D, for a walk up Grisedale Pike (791 metres) and Hopegill Head (770 metres) from the village of Braithwaite.  Two more Wainwrights ticked off.

Just about perfect conditions for walking. although not many people about except runners and on the way down cyclists lugging their bikes up the hill.

The last of the snow near the summit of Hopegill Head

Force Crag mine

J stayed in the caravan and had a nice relaxing start to mother's day.

Youngest daughter L is working in Tweedies hotel in Grasmere at the moment, and son A drove up for the day so that we could all have huge roast dinners in Tweedies.  A insisted we stay for the Liverpool match, which they won courtesy of a last minute own goal to keep their title dreams alive, much to the delight of just about everybody in the bar.

A dropped us off in Keswick before heading home, but we we didn't stay out long.


Up and away early, we got home well before midday.

Coming soon...

Nothing booked but we might try and squeeze another trip in before Easter weekend, which seems to be fully booked everywhere.