20 Jul 2019


18th to 20th July 2019

A two night trip to the Windermere C&CC site primarily for the Hawkshead brewery summer beer festival.


We arrived dead on 1pm (the earliest arrival time) and joined a queue of caravans waiting to get in!  It took about 20 minutes to get through reception, but then we managed to get one of our first choice pitches, so no complaints from us.

It was a nice, sunny afternoon so we sat outside the caravan for a while, then headed to Staveley for the beer festival.

We sampled lots of beers and soaked up the atmosphere.  It's usually pretty quiet on the first day and this was no exception, so we had no trouble getting served and finding somewhere to sit.

Afterwards we went to the Eagle and Child and took part in their weekly pub quiz.  The only pub quiz we have ever been to where you mark your own paper, but we still didn't do very well.  Well, what do you expect after drinking all afternoon...

We got a bit lost heading back to the site across the fields with only mobile phones to light the way!  Thank goodness for the OS Maps app, it really is impossible to get lost anywhere now.


The forecast was for rain pretty much all day, but we managed to go for a walk in the Underbarrow area without getting too wet.  It didn't seriously start raining until we were back on site.  Not a good day for pics though.

We thought about going back to the beer festival but the showers kept on coming, so instead we had a quiet night in the caravan listening to the radio.


Got soaked packing everything away, then the rain eased off a bit just as we had finished...if only we'd waited a bit.  Got back to the storage site well before midday.

Coming soon...

Nothing booked til mid August, it all depends on the house move.  The sale is going really well but we pulled out of the house we were buying and haven't found anything else, so we might be living in the caravan in a few weeks!! 

7 Jul 2019


5th to 7th July 2019

It's back to the Kendal C&MC site after a four week break.  We have had to put caravanning on hold for a while because we want to move, and the last four weeks have been spent showing people around our house and looking at houses to buy.  We think it is all sorted now, though, our house is sold and we have found somewhere we want to buy, so we thought we'd treat ourselves to a weekend away while the surveyors and solicitors do their stuff.


A traditional Friday start, there was quite a queue when we got there and the site was pretty full.  All of our regular pitches were taken so after driving right around the site we settled on pitch no. 99.

Pitches 99 and 100 are in a clearing on their own, but quite close together.  Luckily pitch no. 100 was vacant, so we had the clearing to ourselves!

Light rain was forecast in the evening so we thought we'd postpone the planned barbecue until the following night.  Instead we walked to the Strickland Arms for a few drinks and a small fish and chips for dinner.  The rain didn't come and we were able to sit outside until 9ish.


In the morning we went for a walk along Scout Scar.

We've been here before, but it is a nice place to be on a hot, sunny day, and not too strenuous.

In the afternoon we lazed around the caravan trying to put people off choosing the pitch opposite, but it wasn't to be.  The site was still pretty full and a motorhome joined us late in the afternoon, and parked with its door facing us, like a continental caravan.  It was too big to turn around in the clearing!  Grrrrrr!

We went for a walk along the river and when we got back the people in it had gone out, so they didn't bother us at all as we had the postponed barbecue.  We sat outside all night, enjoying a bottle of wine and enjoying the peace and quiet.  Something of a first, for us, we didn't spend a penny all day!


No sign of the people in the motorhome as we packed everything away, and we were home in the house before midday.

Coming soon...

The Hawkshead Brewery beer festival in a couple of weeks, but it all depends on the house move now...

4 Jun 2019


2nd to 4th June 2019

Our first trip of the year to the Kendal C&MC site, which was our most visited site last year, and a Sunday start to miss the back end of half term.


Lots of pitches available on late availability, so we knew we would get a good one.  Unfortunately the site's best pitch (and the best pitch of any site, anywhere) was taken, so we settled for the one next to it - pitch no. 22.  We weren't too disappointed - it's almost as good.

It started raining just as we pulled up, so we got soaked setting everything up.  Then we didn't want to chance walking to the nearby farm shop, so we drove instead and spent a small fortune of exotic sausages and hamburgers for the evening's barbecue, and taste of game crisps and local beers.  We had a quick drink in the Strickland Arms, too.

The barbecue was a great success, although it would have been cheaper to eat out!

The weather improved so we walked back to the Strickland Arms in the evening, but just had one drink.


We went for a shortish walk to High Dam and Stott Park Heights, which are near Newby Bridge.

A mostly cloudy morning, although it did brighten up towards the end of the walk.  Nice view of Windermere from the top.

On the way back to the site we stopped off at the farm shop and spent another small fortune on things we didn't really need.

The plan was to walk in to Kendal in the afternoon, but instead we decided to stay around the site instead.  After lunch we went for a walk along the river, towards Kendal, but only as far as the first bridge, then walked bank along the other side of the river.

Who says cows aren't cute?

We had dinner and a couple of drinks in the Strickland Arms, and were a bit disappointed to find all of the mouth watering specials from yesterday had gone.  Then D sat outside the caravan until it got too cold and J amused herself inside.  Great fun watching the rabbits and listening to the birds...very peaceful.


We got through a lot of bird food this weekend...

...but we don't think it was eaten by birds.  We didn't see any squirrels, but the evidence is stacked against them.

We left at 10am and were home in the house by midday.  We really like Sun/Mon trips and might start doing more of them, although it does mean using up holiday.  Roll on retirement.

Coming soon...

Nothing booked at the moment, but we want to cram in as many trips as possible in June.