1 Aug 2022


 29th to 31st July 2022

Our love affair with the Kendal CAMC site continues...our fourth visit this year.  We do like this site but it is mostly because we can't find availability anywhere else.  It's a bit of a mystery why this site is so unbusy during the school holidays, but we're not complaining.


We arrived shortly after 1pm and were congratulated by the warden for being the first arrival of the day.  Lots of available pitches, including dream pitch no. 21.  D told the warden that we would aim for that pitch and he gave us the key straight away.  We couldn't have asked for a better start start to the trip.

A frequent visitor to our pitch, it was almost eating out of our hands.

Just phone pics this trip because our camera has died and we haven't had a chance to get a new one yet.  Oh, and the rubbish weather...but more of that later.

The weather was great on the Friday, so much so that we dared to think this might be a 10/10 trip.  As is customary when we come here we went for a stroll to the nearby farm shop and then to the Strickland Arms, before a very successful barbecue in the evening.

A lot of sausages but some were for breakfast the following day


What a difference a day makes.  It was raining when we woke up and it didn't stop all day!  Thank God for the canopy which meant we could sit outside and weren't cooped up inside the caravan all day.

It eased off a bit in the afternoon so we donned our waterproof coats and went for a stroll along the river, but that was it.

Afterwards we managed to make it to the bus stop between downpours and got a bus into Kendal where we had dinner in Pedro's.  Excellent food and we particularly liked their mago and passion fruit sangria.  Then a few drinks in the Fell bar and the Bowness Bay Brewery tap, then a bus back to the site.


We awoke to the sound of rain and thought we would get soaked packing everything away, but it stopped just in time.  Blue sky everywhere as soon as we hit the M6.

Coming soon...

A break of a couple of weeks for a short film festival in Southport and then getting the car serviced.  We hope to go somewhere mid August and at the moment it looks like it might be Kendal again!

4 Jul 2022


1st to 3rd July 2022

Kendal again...we can't keep away!


We arrived dead on 1pm, the earliest arrival time, and joined a queue!

Of course the best pitches were taken by the time we got through reception but we managed to get the same pitch as our last trip, so weren't too disappointed.

High excitement....first outing for our new to us canopy.  All 2.4 metres of it, we only just got it in the car!  Much easier than an awning to put up, which is why we got it.

We popped to the Strickland Arms after setting everything up and had a couple of pints in the beer garden.  Barman, barman there's a fly in my beer...

The dog was very lively and chewed its way through a sturdy looking branch!

Back at site we had a barbecue before it started to rain, which is when the canopy came into its own...we were able to sit outside in the rain but only until the cold drove us inside.  No need to put the chairs away.


A bit of rain in the morning but undeterred we set off for a walk from Crook to Lord's Lot.

First stop was St Catherines church (remains of).  The tower has been restored and looked in pretty good condition.

Then on to Lord's Lot.

In the afternoon we sat around the caravan for a while and then went back to the Strickland Arms, this time for a pre booked dinner.


We toyed with the idea of leaving the canopy attached to the caravan but decided against it because the case is a bit torn and we want to get that fixed first.  Not sure how we are going to fix it yet, but hopefully we will figure something out.

An uneventful hourney home.

Coming soon...

Nothing for a few weeks, we are going on holiday to Playa Blanca soon, but hope to be back in the caravan in August.

19 Jun 2022


16th to 19th June 2022

Our second trip of the year to the Kendal CAMC site which is firmly established as one of our favourites now.


A Thursday start, primarily so that we could go to the Kendal Brewery Arts centre to see a-ha: the movie in the evening.  J is a big a-ha fan!

On arrival we managed to get one of the pitches we wanted, so a pretty good start.

We headed straight to the nearby farm shop for supplies and then a quick pint in the Strickland Arms.  Just the one drink because we would be driving later.  Then we had a barbecue back at the site.

We drove into Kendal and after a  bit of a panic trying to find somewhere to park we settled down to watch the film, which was very good.  The story of how they met and formed the band right through to comeback tours.  The Brewery Arts centre is a nice place to go to, we will look out for other events in the future.


Of course we just missed out on the hot, sunny weather and today was mostly cloudy but still very pleasant.  We drove to Winster for a walk from the church to Ghyll Head reservoir.  Not a great day for pics.

In the evening we had another barbecue and thought about going to the Strickland Arms but instead just sat outside the caravan.  This is a big site but it was incredibly peaceful, the only sound birds singing and one in particular high in the trees.

Our bird feeder was a great hit this trip.  They cleaned us out.  We will have to stock up on peanuts and seeds for our next trip.  The highlight was a jay.


Another mostly cloudy day.  We got a day ticket and set off on the X6 bus for Lindale and what we thought would be an easy walk to Dixon Heights tower.

The path to the top from Back o' th' Fell road was pretty much non existent and turned out to be a not very pleasant scramble through bracken which in places was over our heads!  We made it, though, and the view from the top was just about worth it.

Makes a change from sheep

We had time for a quick half in the pub in Lindale, which was very refreshing, before catching the bus back to the site.

After quick showers we rushed back to the bus stop and got the X6 this time into Kendal.  We had dinner in a cafe and then drinks in the Barrel House (Bowness Bay brewery), the Factory Tap and the Fell bar.  All excellent venues.


An uneventful journey home, the only incident being forgetting the laundry basket!

Coming soon...

Nothing booked but we have a week off in July so will aim for a three or four night midweek trip.

22 May 2022


20th to 22nd May 2022

A first visit of the year to what might become one of our favourite sites...Thornbrook Barn, Ingleton.  It's easy to get to, the pitches are massive, the facilites are ok and there are a couple of nice pubs nearby...oh, and good walking in the area!


We received our pitch number by email a couple of days previously and it was one we would have chosen anyway.  No check in on arrival, you just go straight to your pitch, which is ok with us.  The pitches are great, with hedges in between, so a bit of privacy!  We positioned the car carefully, too, so that the people opposite couldn't see us and we couldn't see them when sitting outside!

A quick trip to the nearby farm shop for essential supplies...

Then we headed into Ingleton.  We stopped off at the Falls cafe, which is new, we think, and then on to the Old Post Office micropub which has changed quite a lot since we were last there!

The pics are of the back room, which is Soho inspired, the front room is more conventional.  We liked it, but others looked in and chose the front room instead.  The manager or owner said it was speakeasy style.  Apparently there are many places like it in the northern quarter in Manchester...only about an hour by train from us!

Then we had dinner in the Bank Top restaurant, which was excellent and almost empty, then back to the Old Post Office.  We had far too much to drink!


Not a great weather forecast today, but better than the last time we went for a walk from Horton-in-Ribblesdale station.  Moughton Scars and Long Scar were the objectives.

Quite a long walk for us at over 8 miles, probably a bit too much, but despite the ominous looking clouds it didn't actually rain.  Pretty spectacular limestone pavements.

Up close and personal with some cows on the way down...

Lots of people around, runners and, we think, people doing the three peaks challenge.  All much fitter than us!

Back at site we had a pretty successful barbecue and it was warm enough to sit outside the caravan until quite late in the evening.


We got up and left later than usual but this site is so easy to get to we were still home before midday.

Coming soon...

We'll be staying home for the jubilee bank holiday weekend and then we have a wedding to go to, so we might not be able to get away again until mid June.  Kendal, maybe.