15 Nov 2022


11th to 14th November 2022

Second visit of the year to the CAMC site near Coniston.


The earlist arrival time here is 10am but we left a bit later than intended and didn't arrive until after midday, to find most of the site closed for the winter.

We like this site because the pitches are amongst trees and scattered all over the place, instead of regimented and in a long line, but we always seem to have trouble selecting one.  Today was no exception.  The one we chose was not an easy one to get in to, buy hey, we have the motor mover...or so we thought.  Unfortunately the bit you turn to engage it snapped off, leaving one roller partly engaged!  Not a good start.  We gave up on our first choice pitch and limped to another which looked like it was much easier to get into.  Luckily D's reversing skills saved the day!

D struggled to dis-engage the partially engaged roller with a rusty pair of pliers and a screw driver for an ambarassingly long time, then gave up and called a repair man who agreed to come and have a look in the morning.

Nothing more could be done, so we headed into Coniston a bit later than intended and had drinks and dinner in the Black Bull.  Then we headed up to the Sun hotel but it was full of well dressed people attending a private party and we felt a bit out of place in our walking boots so we didn't stay long.  Our final pub of the day was the Yewdale Inn.


We had to wait in for the repair man, but luckliy he came before midday.  It took him less than 5 minutes to dis-engage the roller...it's amazing what you can do with the right tools...and he went away happy with £50 cash.

It was too late for a serious walk so we just strolled into Coniston and had drinks and a second meal in the Black Bull, definitely our pub of choice this trip.


Fabulous weather for November, or any time of year really.  We set off early for a relatively easy walk to Beacon fell and Beacon tarn.

Not many pics today, not sure why...too busy enjoying the views.

In the afternoon we walked to Torver and discovered that its pub, the Wilson Arms, has undergone a transformation.  It is now more of a restaurant than a pub, but nicely done.  Of course we had to stay for dinner.

Then it was back to the caravan for the rest of the night in, listening to music.


Dropped the caravan off at the storage site and they are going to give us a price to fix the motor mover, if it is fixable.  Fingers crossed.

Coming soon...

Nothing booked, it all depends on the weather...

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