24 Jun 2013


21st to 23rd June

Our second visit this year to Windermere, over the years probably our most visited site, because it is so easy to get to.  A mixed weather forecast, with Friday looking good but Saturday not so good, so we decided to get there early and do some walking while the weather was okay.


Arrived around 12.30 and had to queue for a bit because everybody else had the same idea.  J fancied a bit of a change, so we asked if there were any spaces on a different part of the site…called “the mound”.  There was one space left, not a particularly good one, but once you’ve asked you can’t unask!

No awning this weekend so a very quick setup.  Note the new chairs…



The weather forecast was spot on and it brightened up as the afternoon wore on until it was blue sky everywhere, so we headed off for a walk along the river Kent and up into the hills around Staveley.

The plan was to check on our geocache on the way, which is under a tree in a field near to the site, but we didn’t like to disturb the sheep who were enjoying some respite from the heat


…so we thought we’d check on the way back instead.

IMG_2371   IMG_2378 IMG_2377

D can’t resist a rope swing…


We descended into Staveley just in time for beer tapas at the Hawkshead Brewery, then sat outside the Eagle and Child until about 9.45.  We staggered home across the fields, checking our cache on the way.  Felt a few drops of rain on the way, which was a sign of things to come!


Sure enough, it was raining when we woke up!

No walking today, instead we drove to Keswick to have a look around and search the outdoor shops for the perfect waterproof jacket for J.  Couldn’t find it, but there was a market on and we bought some bits and pieces.  We stopped off in Ambleside on the way back, still in search of the elusive coat…and found it…but it was too expensive, so she bought a cheaper version of it instead.

The rain continued all afternoon and into the night, and it was windy too, so we stayed inside the caravan listening to Dinner Jazz on the radio and playing scrabble.  D won.  We seem to be spending a lot of time listening to Dinner Jazz lately, it is a really good mix of music.  7 til 10 Jazz FM…recommended.

Today was a bit of a washout really!


Still raining, so we were relieved we hadn’t put the awning up, especially as we watched other people struggling with theirs.  Nothing fell off on the way home!

Coming soon…

Three nights at the Ravenglass C&CC site, still D’s favourite.

9 Jun 2013

4 Jun 2013

Four nights in Coniston

31st May to 4th June

Originally a three night booking, but extended to four because the weather was so good.  We’ve been to the CC site at Coniston a few times and it is one of our favourite sites, with excellent facilities and lots of nice pubs within walking distance.



We arrived early, which was just as well because the site was pretty full…school holidays!  We drove around a bit before selecting a pitch we have been on before and liked.


A rare outing for the awning this weekend, partly to hide the damage caused by the status aerial falling off on the way home from our last trip.…


We are having trouble finding anybody willing to undertake this repair, with one workshop saying the whole panel needs replacing, but they can’t get replacement panels because Avondale are no longer in business.  Some don’t even call back!  We are awaiting an estimate from somebody who says it can be filled.  It’s covered under our insurance policy but we need two estimates…problems, problems…

D has already started looking at new caravans, with a Bailey Ranger 470/4 topping the list.

Anyway, setup complete we strolled into Coniston and had a couple of drinks at a couple of pubs, then dinner in the caravan.  Oliver’s light ale and Oliver’s lager from the Coniston Brewing Company went down especially well this weekend.

No idea who Oliver is but he gets the thumbs up from us!


We’ve been doing a lot of easy, low level walking lately, but not today.  Up early for a strenuous four summit walk…Grey Friar (770 metres), Great Carrs (780 metres), Swirl How (802 metres) and Wetherlam (762 metres) from the Wrynose pass…with lots of ups and downs.  About 7.5 miles in total.


J Looking down on the Wrynose and Hardknott Passes…


The summit of Grey Friar…


Monument and the remains of a Halifax Bomber which came down in 1944 near the summit of Great Carrs…

More about it here





More pics in the gallery.

Quite a tiring walk, especially descending from Swirl How and Wetherlam, but it was good to be back in the mountains.  Four more Wainwrights ticked off.  Well, three really, we’ve already done Wetherlam via a different route.

Back at site, our first barbecue of the year, quite succesful


A quiet day lounging around the caravan in the morning, watching people leave.  Due to yesterday’s marathon, we weren't in a fit state to do much else!  What a difference a day makes, the site really emptied out.

Then a stroll into Coniston for Sunday lunch and a look around the shops. We came across the Coniston Institute Honest Shop were locals provide items to be sold. There is no shopkeeper - just a box for the money and a log book for what you bought.  Picked up some very tasty brownies and a homemade loaf.

In the evening we walked to the Church House Inn, Torver, about the same distance as Coniston but in the opposite direction, and stayed for their pub quiz.  We came third, and J got a complementary Baileys for getting the bonus question right.


A short walk at the southern end of the lake, nothing too strenuous.  Only a couple of miles, high point Beacon Fell, 255 metres.


We had the place to ourselves, and didn’t see anybody during this walk!  Quite a lot of cloud today, but it did brighten up later in the day.

Beacon tarn and Beacon fell…



In the evening we walked into Coniston again and had dinner sitting outside the Black Bull.


Left around 9.30, and nothing noticeable fell off the caravan on the way home this time


Coming soon…

Three nights in Lower Wensleydale, a new site for us.