22 Apr 2018


20th to 22nd April 2018

A hasty return to the Kendal C&MC site, we were here less than a month ago!

Why?  There was nowhere else available this weekend, and there was only one pitch on late availability here.  Too many members, not enough sites?  The C&CC was the same...fully booked everywhere, and privately owned sites too.  The C&MC is getting ridiculous.  Castleton is fully booked at the weekend for pretty much the whole year, and Chatsworth, and York...  We prefer to book a week or so in advance, not at the start of the year.  Roll on retirement, when we can go away mid week.

Anyway, we like this site and because we got there quite early we managed to get a reasonable pitch.


Pitch no. 16.  We drove right round the site before spotting it, then discovered it was a very sloping pitch and had to spend ages leveling the caravan.

Lots of room, though, so plenty of space for a barbecue.

We drove into Kendal and got some supplies from Booths, then lounged around the site for the remainder of the afternoon.  The weather was lovely.

The temperature did drop a bit late afternoon but it was still warm enough for our first barbecue of the year.


The plan today was to get multiple buses to Skelwith Bridge, walk from there to Dungeon Ghyll and then get more buses back to the site, maybe stopping off at Windermere on the way.

Connections were tight and we had to leave early to get the first bus at 8.30.  Unfortunately we got up too late and missed it, so drove instead!

It was a nice walk in glorious weather, blue skies all the way.

Too hot for the sheep!

We got a bus back from Dungeon Ghyll to Elterwater and had lunch outside the Britannia Inn, which is a really nice pub but completely shade free!  Then we walked the rest of the way back to Skelwith Bridge.

We went straight back to the site, which was quiet and peaceful despite being completely full.  We had a nice salad sitting outside.  We were going to have another barbecue but didn't have any more coals and didn't want to go shopping again.

In the evening we walked to the Strickland Arms and had a couple of drinks sitting outside.  We might have stayed longer, but thunder and lightning in the distance hastened our departure.

The bad weather stayed in the distance.


Homeward bound, a very uneventful journey.

Coming soon...

No more caravan trips until mid May at the earliest, we are off on a cruise to Norway.

16 Apr 2018


13th to 16th April 2018

Easter is a time to stay at home for us, sites are far to crowded!  Most were back to normal this weekend, including the Coniston C&MC site, which is a favorite of ours.


We weren't quite able to take advantage of the unusually generous early arrival time of 10am, but we did get there just after midday and had plenty of pitches to choose from.  We settled on pitch no. 1, which is a spacious pitch in a quiet part of the site.

Lots of interest in our bird feeder this weekend, some welcome, some not so welcome...

The squirrel made short work of the peanuts!

We headed into Coniston after setting everything up, which is about a two mile walk, and had a few drinks and dinner in the Yewdale hotel.  The pubs in Coniston are so nice we stayed out much longer than we had intended and didn't get back to the site until around 10pm.


The best day weather-wise, we went for a short walk from Low Tilberthwaite in the morning.  A small herd of deer crossed our path early on but they were much to quick for the camera and we didn't see them again.

In the afternoon we headed back into Coniston and even managed to sit outside a couple of the pubs for a while.  We didn't stay out late, though, and had dinner in the caravan.  We were kicking ourselves for not bringing the barbecue, although it was probably just a bit too cold.  Next time, maybe.


D up very early for a strenuous walk, taking in Thunacar Knott (723 metres), High Raise (762 metres) and Sergeant Man (730 metres).  Three more Wainwrights bagged.  The rain held off but it was a bit misty and murky at the top.

The summit of High Raise, the most impressive of the three

The last of the snow!

J didn't fancy it, so she pottered around the caravan until D got back around 1pm.

We managed to sit outside the caravan for while in the afternoon, until it started to rain.  We even had some visitors...

Escapees from a nearby farm, we enjoyed their company until the warden came and chased them away and it started to rain.  It rained heavily for a while and we were stuck inside the caravan.

We ventured out when it eased off late afternoon and trudged into Coniston again, for a roast dinner in the Black Bull, which was our pub of choice for the weekend.

No torch, so we didn't stay out late.

We always take cute lamb pics around this time of year, so here are some sheltering from the rain.  Very poor quality because it was taken on a phone in fading light...


A hold up on the M6 meant we didn't get home until after midday, but apart from that it was an uneventful journey.

Coming soon...

One more trip before our cruise to Norway in May, probably somewhere other than Cumbra for a change.