24 Sept 2023


22nd to 24th September

For the first time ever, a solo trip for D.  J away with her mum so the perfect opportunity for D to try a solo trip, to the Coniston CAMC site.  This blog is pure D!


Earliest arrive time here is 10am, which is exactly when I dropped J off at Southport station. I still managed to get here quite early and got dream pitch no. 64.  Pitch selection has been a problem here in the past but not this time.  As they checked me in I kicked myself for not booking a pitch for one person but didn't say anything because I'd already paid in full.  It would have been half the price.

It rained a bit on arriveal so I waited for it to ease off before trekking into Coniston.  Had to walk through Coniston Hall campsite which was a bit like a festival with large groups and loud music.  Anything goes, I think.

In the village I had a drink in  the three best pubs - the Sun Hotel, the Yewdale Inn and the Black Bull - and a hotpot in the latter.  Then it was back to the caravan for a night in pining for J.


An early start and a longish drive to Thirlmere, to tackle Ullscarf (726 metres).  Another Wainwright ticked off.

The weather was excellent and I didn't see a soul until Harrop Tarn, a slightly more touristy bit near the end of the walk.

The early start meant an early finish so in the afternoon I walked to Torver and had a pint sitting outside the Wilson Arms.  Just me and the man cutting the grass on a sit on lawn mower.

Then a pre ordered "neptune" pizza from the on site van and another night in reading, listening to music and pining for J.


A more stressful journey home than usual when a warning light came on in the car.  Something to do with emission according to the book.  No loss of power or economy but I had visions of it going into "limp home" mode on motorway...!

All in all a pretty good trip.  Would it have been even better with J present?  Maybe we'll come here later in the year and find out.

Coming soon...

Three nights at Castlerigg Hall, Keswick early in October.

4 Sept 2023


 1st to 3rd September 2023

A cheeky two night trip to the Kendal CAMC site, which is very easy to get to from our storage site.


We arrived dead on 1pm but hopes of getting dream pitch 21 were quickly dashed by the warden as we waited to check in.  Luckily the site wasn't very full so we managed to get a pretty good alternative with no immediate neighbours.

As is customary here we set off for the local farm shop and spent too much on things we didn't need, then on to the Strickland Arms for pre dinner drinks.  Dinner was the first of two very successful barbecues this weekend.

Afterwards we were able to sit outside the caravan until quite late.


We walked from the site into Kendal and had a look around the town and too much to drink in various pubs.  New to us this trip was the Brewery Arts Centre bar, whcih was very nice.

Then a bus back to the site for another barbecue.

Not many pics this time, it wasn't that sort of trip.

View from the Brewery Arts Centre


No problems getting home.

Not much of a blog but another very good trip.  We have been very lucky this year.

Coming soon...

Nothing booked until early October but we might get away again before then.