24 Sept 2023


22nd to 24th September

For the first time ever, a solo trip for D.  J away with her mum so the perfect opportunity for D to try a solo trip, to the Coniston CAMC site.  This blog is pure D!


Earliest arrive time here is 10am, which is exactly when I dropped J off at Southport station. I still managed to get here quite early and got dream pitch no. 64.  Pitch selection has been a problem here in the past but not this time.  As they checked me in I kicked myself for not booking a pitch for one person but didn't say anything because I'd already paid in full.  It would have been half the price.

It rained a bit on arriveal so I waited for it to ease off before trekking into Coniston.  Had to walk through Coniston Hall campsite which was a bit like a festival with large groups and loud music.  Anything goes, I think.

In the village I had a drink in  the three best pubs - the Sun Hotel, the Yewdale Inn and the Black Bull - and a hotpot in the latter.  Then it was back to the caravan for a night in pining for J.


An early start and a longish drive to Thirlmere, to tackle Ullscarf (726 metres).  Another Wainwright ticked off.

The weather was excellent and I didn't see a soul until Harrop Tarn, a slightly more touristy bit near the end of the walk.

The early start meant an early finish so in the afternoon I walked to Torver and had a pint sitting outside the Wilson Arms.  Just me and the man cutting the grass on a sit on lawn mower.

Then a pre ordered "neptune" pizza from the on site van and another night in reading, listening to music and pining for J.


A more stressful journey home than usual when a warning light came on in the car.  Something to do with emission according to the book.  No loss of power or economy but I had visions of it going into "limp home" mode on motorway...!

All in all a pretty good trip.  Would it have been even better with J present?  Maybe we'll come here later in the year and find out.

Coming soon...

Three nights at Castlerigg Hall, Keswick early in October.

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