22 Apr 2024


 19th to 22nd April 2024

We went to Castlerigg Hall four times last year.  We probably won't go that many times this year  but it has definitley become one of our favourite sites, with pitch 24 one of our favourite pitches anywhere.


The journey could easily have been much worse.  We hit traffic around Lancatser on the M6 and it turned out to be an overturned caravan!  It must have just happened because the police hadn't arrived and it didn't hold us up much but the tailbacks later will have been horrendous.  No idea what caused it.  A badly loaded caravan, going too fast downhill, or not the caravanners fault at all...

No pic of the caravan this time, we forgot to take one.

Without a motor mover pitch 24 would be almost impossible to get into and ours is a bit temperamental at the moment but afer a bit of fiddling with the wires it worked.

As is customeary here we walked down the hill into Keswick and had a look around the town and far to much to drink.  Dinner in a Thai restaurant.


Our first Wainwright of the year and 149th overall (out of 214).  Bessyboot, or Rosthwaite fell if you prefer...we did both.

Quite steep going up and coming down.  Excellent weather throughout.

In the afternoon we sat outsude the caravan and then had a night in.

A pretty good sunset...

No northern lights, though, which was a bit disappointing as they have been visible in the area in recent times.


A lazy start to the day which included a sausage sandwich for a very late breakfast, then we headed into Keswick again, this time taking a more scenic, longer route.

We had a roast dinner in the Wainwright Inn and then got a bus back to the site.  Excellent self control today, unlike Friday.


No problems getting home.

Coming soon...

An eagerly awaited return to the C&CC site in Ravenglass, which was a bit disappointing just after covid in 2022 but now has refurbished facilities and the Ratty Arms under new management.  We just hope the ginger cat is still there.