2 Dec 2018


30th November to 2nd December 2018

Definitely our last trip of the year, as we are getting a new car in a week or so and won't have time to get a towbar fitted in time for another trip.

Somewhere close to home this time - Southport C&MC site.  Not a particularly nice site, very open with lots of pitches crammed in, but ok at this time of year because it was half empty.  It's main attraction is that it is within easy walking distance of Southport.


A very quick journey, we didn't even have time to listen to half of an Archers omnibus that we had downloaded.

Lots of pitches to choose from on arrival and we chose one on the new part of the site, which is quite exposed and it was still pretty windy after the recent stormy weather.  This site at this time of year isn't about sitting outside, so we weren't too bothered.

We headed into Southport after setting everything up and took a few pics of the pier, which was partly closed for refurbishment and the addition of new attractions.  Something to look forward to next year.

Then we headed into the town centre and had dinner in Casa Italia and checked out a few of the pubs.  We like the Tap and Bottle, the Guest House and the Corridor Bar, in particular.  Dinner in Casa Italia was excellent and not too pricey.

Southport at night is a lot quieter than a big city like Liverpool, which is where we have been going out when at home lately, but there was plenty to do to keep us out all night.

Inside the ultra modern Christman tree

We ended up staying out a lot later than intended and had a lot more to drink than we should have!


Rain was to be a feature of today...nasty, drizzly rain.  It did cheer up for while in the afternoon but we spent most of the day dodging the rain.

We walked to Birkdale, then got a bus to Churchtown and had a look around the almost deserted botanical gardens.  Last time we came here it was packed.

Churchtown was a bit too quiet, so we headed back into Southport and did a bit of Christmas shopping before heading back to the caravan for dinner.

We went out again in the evening, first to the Guest House and then the Tap and Bottle.  We would have stayed in the Guest House but a band started setting up right next to us and we thought it might be a bit loud!  Both places seemed very quiet for a Saturday night, but we're not complaining.  We didn't drink as much as the night before.


A very quick, uneventful journey home.

Coming soon...

That's it for 2018, hopefully we will be back in January 2019.

21 Nov 2018


16th to 19th November 2018

We like to visit Hawkshead around this time of year and have always stayed at the Croft, which is just across the road from the village.  Not this time, though, it was closed.  It looks like they are trying to squeeze a few more statics in and are re-landscaping the touring pitches.  They helpfully recommended their sister site, Hawkshead Hall, instead.  It's about half a mile outside the village, a short walk along a good footpath beside a stream.  What a great site, at this time of year at least (reviews aren't so good in high season).  Excellent facilities, well spaced pitches and great views, we will probably come here in future instead of the Croft and can't really think of anything bad to say about it.


The road from from Ambleside is narrow in places and not much fun to drive along with a caravan, but luckily we didn't meet any buses or lorries coming the other way and we arrived early afternoon.  We had plenty of pitches to choose from and chose one away from the road and the farm buildings (it's a working farm).  There was only one other caravan on site but quite a few small motorhomes.

The hill in the distance is Latterbarrow.

After setting everything up we walked into Hawkshead, which took less than 10 minutes.  Hawkshead is a nice village with a few shops and four nice pubs.  We had drinks in the Kings Arms, our favourite, but didn't stay out late, instead retreating to the caravan for dinner and a night in.


Fabulous weather for November, so we went for a walk from the site to Latterbarrow.

Great views of Ambleside and Windermere from the top but the pics didn't turn out too well, so not many here.  D struggling to get to grips with the new camera.  Picture quality is great but composition is lacking lately!

In the afternoon we sat outside the caravan for a couple of hours, enjoying the peace and quiet, then walked to nearby Esthwaite water as it started to get dark.  It would be nice to be able to walk around it but it's mostly private land, so no footpath.

We stopped off in Hawkshead afterwards and had a drink in the Sun Inn, then went back to the caravan for dinner and another night in.  A very cheap trip so far!


Another great day weather-wise, so we went for a longer walk in the hills around Faw Sawrey.

First stop was Claife viewing station.

Good views, but not that good!

Then High Blind How.

Then Wise Een and Moss Eccles tarns.

We stopped off at the Cuckoo Brow Inn on the way back to the car and thought we would drive back later for dinner.

We did drive back in the evening but couldn't get in the car park, so we quickly abandoned that idea and walked into Hawkshead instead.  We had roast dinners in the the Sun Inn, then relocated to the Kings Arms for the rest of the evening.  The other pub we like, the Red Lion, was closed.

We missed it all during the day, but it seems it was Mitzvah day in Hawkshead, and a group of people involved in it came in to the pub and started playing a fiddle and accordian.  Well, we had to stay and watch, and we ended staying out until about 10pm and drinking more that we should have.  So much for a cheap trip.  A good night, though.


A very uneventful journey home, hill start assist making light work of the feared hill start at Clappersgate!  A great trip, one of the best of the year.

Coming soon...

One more trip before Christmas, we think, but probably somewhere more local.  Southport, maybe.

5 Nov 2018


3rd to 5th November 2018

Tarn House.  We don't really like this site much, the pitches are too close together and the facilities are only just ok, but we do like Skipton and this is the only site we have found that is within walking distance (just) of the town centre.


The site was full when we arrived, we must have got the last available pitch.  A lot of caravans here are seasonal and the one next to us was empty both nights, and on the other side we had a small motorhome for the first night then nothing for the second.

In the afternoon we walked into Skipton, which is downhill almost all the way.  We had a look around the shops and then a couple of drinks in a couple of pubs before getting a taxi back to the site for dinner and a night in.


A pretty good day, weather-wise.  We went for a walk from the site to Flasby fell, the high point being Sharp Haw.

Not exactly peaceful to start with, there was a group of people on scrambler bikes, but we left them behind as we approached the summit of Sharp Haw.

A bench with a view

In the afternoon we drove to nearby Gargrave to have a look at a small listed site that looked promising, but we couldn't find it and Gargrave is a bit too far away from Skipton anyway.

In the evening we walked back into Skipton and had a drink in all of the pubs we like there - the Boathouse, the Narrowboat, the Beer Engine, the Woolley Sheep...  There are so many!  We had dinner in the Narrowboat.


We left early and got home, in the house, just before midday.

Coming soon...

Hopefully a couple more trips this year.  We usually go to Hawkshead around this time of year, so that might be next.

21 Oct 2018


19th to 21st October 2018

Our second visit this year to the Coniston C&MC site, which was originally going to be a three night trip but was shortened to two due to work commitments.  Just as well, as it turned out!


Plenty of pitches to choose from when we arrived and we chose a part of the site we haven't been on before.  Pitches here are amongst trees in little clearings and some are quite secluded, much better than a line of caravans separated by a thin strip of grass, we wish all sites were like this.  We like pitch no. 180, although it is a bit of a walk to the facilities.

Blue skies and sunshine when we arrived but it didn't last long and we had to don waterproof coats for the almost two mile walk into Coniston.

Dinner in the Sun hotel and drinks in a couple of the other excellent pubs.  Of course we forgot to take torches but a torch app on J's phone came to the rescue.  It's brighter than a torch anyway.  Is there anything a phone can't do these days?


Woke up to the sound of rain hammering on the roof.  It was really only light, drizzly rain but we were under a tree and rain always seems worse under a tree!

By 11am were were going a bit stir crazy and had to get out.  We drove to nearby misty, murky Tarn Hows and walked around the lake.

First outing for our new camera, a Panasonic Lumix TZ100.  Less zoom than the old one but a larger sensor, so in theory better image quality.

Not a great day for pics, so the jury is still out, but initial results are promising.  It rained continuously throughout the two mile walk, but at least we managed to prove that our waterproof coats are still waterproof.  D wishes he could say the same about his boots!

On the way back the rain eased off a bit and we had a wander around Coniston lakeside, and tea and cake in the cafe there.  Not many boats out today.

Later in the afternoon it almost brightened up, so we went for a stroll along the lake before having dinner in the caravan.

The plan was to walk back into Coniston for the night and we did set out walking but drizzly rain made us turn back and instead we had a night in.  It is quite a long walk!


Deja vu.  Woke to the sound of rain hammering on the roof.  The forecast for today was rain all day, so we weren't too disappointed that the three night trip had to be cut to two nights.  No trouble getting home.

Coming soon...

Nothing booked, it's all about the weather at this time of year.

8 Oct 2018


5th to 8th October 2018

Our second visit this year to our favorite site - the excellent C&CC site at Ravenglass.


Just about the only negative about this site is how long it takes to get there, but this time the journey was pretty good and we arrived around 2pm and were shown to pitch no. 2, which has a pretty good view overlooking fields.

We had a wander around the village and along the "beach" before dinner in the Pennington hotel and drinks in the other two pubs.  Not much of a sunset tonight, too much cloud around.


By far the best day weather-wise, although it started off a bit overcast.  We headed to Loweswater to tackle Burnbank fell (475 metres).

It turned out to be quite a clear day, with the Isle of Mann and Scotland visible in the distance, and nice views of Loweswater itself.  A good day for walking and another Wainwright ticked off.

The summit of Burnbank fell

Hangliders at the top of Burnbank fell

On the way back we stopped off in Gosforth and visited the Gosforth Hall Inn, a CAMRA award winning real ale pub.  It was ok, but not as nice as any of the pubs in Ravenglass.

In the evening we had a couple of drinks sitting outside the Inn at Ravenglass.  A great sunset tonight, but cold, we were the only ones who stayed outside to the end.

Afterwards we retreated to the caravan for dinner and spent the rest of the night in.


A wet and windy day.  No rain in the morning, though, so we thought we would go for a walk along the beach at Ravenglass.  It wasn't to be, the tide was in and it was inaccessible!  We got some pics of what is left of a Roman bath-house on the way.

Plan B was to drive to Drigg and walk along the coastal path to Seascale, but we only made it half way before rain stopped play.

Rain meant we had to stay inside the caravan all afternoon, then we had a steak each in the Ratty Arms and a final drink in the Inn at Ravenglass.  When we left the Ratty Arms it was empty, the Pennington hotel bar was empty too, and there were only three people in the Inn.


Up and away early because D had to work in the afternoon.

Coming soon...

Nothing booked, we will wait and see what the weather does.