9 Oct 2023


 6th to 9th October 2023

Our fourth visit of the year to Castlerigg Hall.  We can't get enough of this site or Keswick at the moment, it is rivalling Kendal CAMC as our most vistited site in recent times.  We have been concentrating on north lakes this year as we have done pretty much everything there is to do in the south.


A quirk in the online booking system which means we can book our favourite pitch no. 24 pretty much anytime so no nasty surprises on arrival, apart from the weather.  It's been a while since we have had to set up in the rain... we got soaked!

The weather was so bad we couldn't really do anything so we were confined to the caravan for the rest of the day.  The view from our pitch was pretty good, though.

Just phone pics this trip because we forgot to bring the camera.


Much better weather today.  In the morning we went for a stroll from the site to nearby Castlerigg stone circle, which dates back 4,500 years according to the notice boards.  Still lots of dark clouds but it didn't rain.

We passed an ederly lady on the way who urged us to turn back due to what she called an impassable quagmire ahead, but it wasn't as bad as she made out...

Maybe there was another one further on.

In the afternoon we walked down into Keswick for drinks in various pubs, then we got the last bus back to the site for dinner in the caravan.  It was just about warm enough to sit outside for a bit.  For D, at least.


Supposedly the best day weatherwise, so we drove to Watendlath to tackle High Tove and Armboth, two lesser Wainwrights we haven't done yet.

A VERY boggy walk!  Maybe the boggiest walk we have ever done.  A good test of our waterproof boots - D's passed but J might need a new pair soon.

High Tove


In the afternoon we toyed with the idea of a barbecue.  We'd bought everything we needed the day before from Booths but a bit of light rain ruined that plan.

Instead we got a bus down into Keswick and managed to get into the Dog and Gun for dinner.  Then a drink in the Wainwright inn, then a taxi back to the site.


A bit of a scare when D couldn't get the water pump to disconnect, which is quite a common problem it seems.  It came out after a bit of a struggle but it made us a bit late leaving.

Coming soon...

Possibly a return to Coniston, both of us this time.

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