29 Oct 2023


27th to 29th October 2023

Last weekends planned trip to Coniston didn't happen thanks to storm Babet.  As it turned out the north west wasn't all that badly affected but we didn't fancy towing the caravan in 40-50 mph winds on the Friday.  Instead, a two night trip to Thornbrook Barn, Ingleton. 


A very late start.  We had to wait...and wait...and wait for the car, which was having a fault code diagnosed and fixed.  We didn't set off until 2ish and arrived on site just before 4, so not a bad journey.  No nasty surprises on arrival, pitches are pre allocated and we knew we had a good one.

Pitches here are huge and not too close together, and we got one not too far from the facilities.

After a very quick set up we headed into Ingleton but couldn't get into our first choice pub - the Old Post Office.  It was packed.  Fortunately all of the other pubs were pretty empty, just not as good.  The Wheatsheaf was the best of the two we tried.

We'd booked dinner at a place next to the Old Post Office called Peaks and Troughs and it turned out to be really good.  A fishy "Buddha bowl" for D and a meaty one for J.  A Buddha bowl in basically just a big bowl.

After dinner we had another look in the Old Post Office but it was even busier, so we headed for home.


No summits today.  We walked into Ingleton and got a bus to Austwick, then walked to Settle.

Not the most picturesque of walks and not a good day for pics, so there aren't many, but it got us out in the fresh air.

In Settle we had a drink in the Talbot Arms and then Bar 13, both excellent.  The plan  was to get the 16.30 bus back to Ingleton but we only noticed the smallprint NS when we got to the bus stop.  Not on Saturdays.  The 15.30 would have been worse because it is NS and S - not on Saturdays and Saturday only!

No problem we thought, we'll get the 17.30, so we popped into the Royal Oak to wait.

At 17.30 a "not in service" bus appeared and the driver told us there would be no more buses that day!  Luckily the bus driver, a cheery scouser, was super helpful and organised a taxi for some people going the other way and took us back to Ingleton.  Plenty fo things for him and J to take about, one of his relatives went to school with her.  Next time around here we will stick with the car.

We had dinner in the Wheatsheaf and then tried to get in the Old Post Office one last time, but it was still packed.  A victim of its own success.  It was getting late anyway, so we went back to the caravan.


An extra hour in bed but were were still quite late leaving.  A few problems this trip but still a good one.

Coming soon...

We have drained the water out of the caravan, just in case, but we are hoping to go to Pooley Bridge some time in November...

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