30 Jan 2023

Bay View, Morecambe

27th to 29th January 2023

Back after a two month break, to what has become a familiar location.  We discovered Bay View last year and liked it so much we visited it twice in one month.  A bit of a jinxed site (on our first visit J tripped over a speed bump and twisted her ankle and on our second visit all of the pubs in Lancaster were packed due to the annual music festival, which was ok but we prefer things to be a bit quieter) but we thought we would give it another go.  It's nice and easy to get to and there isn't much else open at this time of year.


We arrived shortly after 1pm and were shown to our pitch by a friendly warden who looked on in admiration as D expertly reversed the caravan in...well, something like that!

The weather was ok and just about warm enough for us to have our tea and sandwiches al fresco.

Afterwards we got a bus into Lancaster and tried a couple of the pubs that had been so busy on our last visit.  The Stonewell Tap in particular was excellent.  Had dinner in the Gallico Lounge, which was pretty good.  Apparently we are getting something similar in Southport soon.  We got the last bus back to the site.


Poor weather and a cold for J meant we had to abandon our planned walk to the summit of Clougha Pike.  Instead we went for a walk along the canal to Hest Bank and returned via the shoreline, about five miles in total.

Quite a dull, grey day but at least it didn't rain...much.

We had dinner in the caravan and spent the night listening to music and drinking wine.


A quick try of the newly repaired motor mover, which seems ok, then homeward bound.

It wasn't until we were home, and much later in the day, that we remembered we hadn't drained the water out of the caravan!  Fortunately the weather forecast looks ok for the next week or so with no sub zero temperatures but if it changes we will have to go back to the storage site just to drain the water, which is a bit of a pain because it takes about an hour to get there!

Coming soon...

Hopefully a trip mid February, but no idea where as most sites are still closed.

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