25 Jun 2024


21-24 June 2024

Back after a break of two months and our first trip of the year to an old favourite - the Kendal CAMC site.  We came here three times last year and four times in 2022.


On arrival we were hoping to see the key to pitch 21 hanging up on the wall in reception, but it wasn't to be.  Nor pitch 22.  Oh dear!

We drove around the site a few times but most of the available pitches looked dark and uninviting.  This is quite a shady site.  Eventually we settled on pitch 16, much to one of the wardens surprise.  Apparently it is not a very popular pitch and when the site is full it is one of the last to be taken.  We did struggle to level the caravan but apart from that we think it is an ok pitch.

We had to lower the caravan so much at the front we then found we couldn't  close the locker, because the jockey wheel was sticking up too much, so had to start again.  Doh!  Then a problem with the EHU.  We started to think it was a jinxed pitch.

After lunch we headed into Kendal and had dinner in  Pizza Express and drinks in a couple of pubs.


We set off quite late for a walk around nearby Scout Scar.  We have been here a few time and it is a great place for an easy walk on a hot day.

In the afternoon we walked to the Strickland Arms for a couple of pints of Swan Blonde before heading back to the site for our first barbecue of the year.

It was just about warm enough to sit outside afterwards...even for J!


We got a bus into Kendal and a car boot sale just outside the town centre caught our eye, so we got off early.  We didn't buy anything, of course.  Then we walked the rest of the way into town.

Kendal on a Sunday is very quiet and all of the pubs we like didn't open until 4pm or not at all in the case of the Bowness Bay brewery tap.  We didn't hang around and retreated to the site after a bit of a picnic by the river.  J found some sun in the afternoon at the front of our otherwise shady pitch.

In the evening we had another barbecue and were able to sit outisde until quite late again.


We thought we would have trouble hitching the caravan up due to the slopiness of the pitch, but it turned out to be easier that we thought it would be and we got away early.

Coming soon...

Another trip in a couple of weeks, probably to Coniston.


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