17 Oct 2010

Bakewell Tarts!

Didn’t think we would be able to get away this month due to work commitments, but thank goodness for flexible working hours!

Had to be somewhere not too far from Mansfield so that D could go to work in the afternoon, so we chose Bakewell.  Greenhills holiday park, to be precise, a new site for us.


We arrived early, about 11am, and were shown to our pitch.  Not the best pitch on the site, near reception and the car park, but no time to complain, and they did let us arrive early.

Unhooked the caravan and D went off to work, leaving J to set everything up, which she did very well.


A lonely afternoon alone in the caravan for J!  She ended up going for a stroll around Bakewell and came back with a couple of tarts!

D returned about 6, just as the onsite pub opened, so just time for a quick drink before dinner in the caravan.  Better than most onsite bars.  Afterwards, a short stroll to Ashford-In-The-Water for more drinks.  Very dark walking back and the wind up torch needed constant winding!

A bit noisy later, with people leaving the pub and cars to-ing and fro-ing until quite late.  Cold, too, good job we replaced the gas bottle!

Day 2

Walked into Bakewell and had a massive breakfast before catching a bus to Taddington, the plan being to walk back to the site along the Monsal Trail some 7.5 miles

A nice easy day, no hills to climb!  Even the animals seemed to be taking it easy!



Nice views of the rolling countryside, and it didn’t rain much despite the ominous looking clouds!


Got back just after 5.  Including the walk to Bakewell to catch the bus, we walked about 10 miles.  We were ready for a shower, but it wasn’t to be for D - they were permanently in use and the only free one was covered in mud.  Urgh!  Tried a few times but no luck.  Queuing not an option for D!

Walked into Bakewell again and had dinner in The Peacock pub and a couple of drinks.  Best beer of the weekend…Swift Nick from Peak Ales.  Chatsworth Gold was nice too.


Got back to the site about 11.  A long awaited shower for D.

Day 3

Homeward bound.

Greenhills holiday park


  • Good location, only a short walk to Bakewell and Ashford-in-the-water


  • Pitches a bit close together
  • Lots of space for tents, so probably very busy in high season
  • Shower cubicles very small
  • Quite noisy

Not sure if we will go back to this site.  Will request a pitch well away from reception if we do.  Handy for Bakewell, though.

Coming soon…nothing this month, then a bit of luxury in a Cumbrian hotel 5th/6th November.  Will try to get away in the caravan mid November.

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