23 Apr 2017


21st to 23rd April 2017

Somewhere other than Cumbria.

Our choice of sites in Derbyshire are a bit limited at the moment, our favourite at Castleton is shut and Chatsworth is always busy.  We thought this one would be busy too, with only a couple of available pitches on late availability, but it turns out is only operating at 75% at the moment due to electrical problems.  Our last visit was over a year ago.  Not sure why, because it is a site we like.


Lots of traffic in the Stockport area, so the journey took longer than it should have, but plenty of free pitches when we arrived.  We got a good one.

A bit of a panic when the water pump wouldn't turn off, but soon fixed by adjusting the pressure switch.  Then it was off to Buxton, downhill almost all of the way.

The Buxton brewery tap room was our favourite pub of the weekend, but we ended up eating in the Cheshire Cheese, which is also nice.  A tiny 4oz steak for D.  Couldn't face the uphill walk back to the site, so we got a taxi instead.


A walk in the Goyt valley today, a place we haven't been to before, after a slight detour on the way, to the Works, so that J could buy some storage boxes (she sells them on ebay).

Our destination...Shining Tor (559 metres) from Errwood reservoir.

We have been pretty lucky with the weather this year, and this weekend was no exception.  Blue skies and light cloud all the way, and not too hot.  A bit deceptive really, we ended up a bit red.  The sun was stronger that it seemed!

Hang gliders in action 

We like this pic of J...not sure what she is looking at.

Remains of Errwood hall.

J delighted when we got back to the car and found an ice cream van parked right next to it!

We got back to the site early afternoon and it was nice and quiet, so we sat outside watching the birds (and a cheeky squirrel) on our feeder and getting more and more sunburnt!

Then we drove into Buxton for a walk around the park.

Got back to the site just in time for the arrival of the fish and chip van.  Or we would have, if it had turned up. There was definitely a sign when we arrived saying it would be there at 6pm on Saturday, but at some point over the weekend the sign disappeared,unnoticed by us!  Luckily we had some food in the caravan.

After dinner we walked up to Solomon's temple, but it was very cold and we didn't stay long.  We should have because when we got back to the caravan the sky turned a lovely colour. A sunset missed.

Looking down on our caravan.


Got away early and traffic was very light, so we were home in the house before midday.

Coming soon...

Two nights in Skipton.


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Hannah.J said...

What lovely English countryside!