5 Jun 2017


3rd to 5th June 2017

Cumbria again!  This time a two night trip to the CC site at Kendal, a site we have been to a few times over the years.


Work getting in the way again, so a Saturday instead of Friday start to a nearly full site...what could go wrong!  Actually, nothing.  We had to settle for an unfamiliar part of the site, but we managed to get a pretty good pitch with very little arguing.

Lots of interest in our bird feeder this weekend, including a new bird for us...a Jay.  No pic to prove it, but we did get a pic of this suspicious looking squirrel.

After setting everything up we drove into Kendal to get some supplies from Booths, then had a barbecue, then walked to the nearby Strickland Arms for a couple of pints.


New boots for J, so a not too strenuous walk to the summit of Whitbarrow Scar.

The forecast today was for showers, but despite ominous looking skies at times it only rained once for a few minutes, and there was plenty of blue sky around, too.  Pretty windy, though, as you can imagine from the trees.  No problems with the boots.


On the way back to the site we stopped at the Gilpin Bridge Inn and had an excellent roast dinner.  We must have missed the lunchtime rush...at one point we were the only ones there!

Back at site it was pretty peaceful, so we lounged around, too tired to do anything after all that walking and the huge roast dinner.

In the evening we went for a stroll along the river to find a geocache, which was in a really nice glade.  Spoiled somewhat by rubbish left over from a campfire or barbecue!  Inconsiderate, to say the least!

We toyed with the idea of going back to the Strickland Arms, but instead sat outside the caravan until it got dark and finished off a bottle of wine we had left over from yesterday's barbecue.


Awoke to the sound of rain.  Lots of it. We got soaked packing everything away, which hasn't happened for a while.

Coming soon...

Nothing booked...but we'll be back on the road in a couple of weeks.


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