4 Jul 2022


1st to 3rd July 2022

Kendal again...we can't keep away!


We arrived dead on 1pm, the earliest arrival time, and joined a queue!

Of course the best pitches were taken by the time we got through reception but we managed to get the same pitch as our last trip, so weren't too disappointed.

High excitement....first outing for our new to us canopy.  All 2.4 metres of it, we only just got it in the car!  Much easier than an awning to put up, which is why we got it.

We popped to the Strickland Arms after setting everything up and had a couple of pints in the beer garden.  Barman, barman there's a fly in my beer...

The dog was very lively and chewed its way through a sturdy looking branch!

Back at site we had a barbecue before it started to rain, which is when the canopy came into its own...we were able to sit outside in the rain but only until the cold drove us inside.  No need to put the chairs away.


A bit of rain in the morning but undeterred we set off for a walk from Crook to Lord's Lot.

First stop was St Catherines church (remains of).  The tower has been restored and looked in pretty good condition.

Then on to Lord's Lot.

In the afternoon we sat around the caravan for a while and then went back to the Strickland Arms, this time for a pre booked dinner.


We toyed with the idea of leaving the canopy attached to the caravan but decided against it because the case is a bit torn and we want to get that fixed first.  Not sure how we are going to fix it yet, but hopefully we will figure something out.

An uneventful hourney home.

Coming soon...

Nothing for a few weeks, we are going on holiday to Playa Blanca soon, but hope to be back in the caravan in August.

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