3 Apr 2023


31st March to 2nd April

Two nights at Thornbrook Barn, Ingleton, which is only about half an hour from our storage site.  As with our previous trips this year the weather forecast was not particularly good but turned out to be ok.  We left it until the last minute to book so were not surprised to get one of the less good pitches, but there aren't really any bad pitches here.


We set off a bit later than we would have liked due to work but were still onsite and set up by 2pm.  Not the easiest of pitches to get into but luckily the motor mover decided to work this time.

Ingleton is just a short walk away.  It's not what you might call a tourist village but that is not a bad thing.  We discovered our first choice pub (based on previous visits), the Old Post Office, doesn't open until 5pm so we popped into the Masons first, which is also a nice place to be.

Dinner was fish and chips sitting outside the chip shop.  It was just about warm enough.


We thought about getting a bus to Settle but decided to drive instead, which turned out to be more stressful than we thought it would be as we inched over a 6ft wide bridge at Stainforth Force waterfall!

Quite scary at the peak of the bridge, with no visibility of the sides, but we got away with it.  According to specifications our car is 6ft 1in, so not sure how!
The object of today's walk was Smearsett Scar.

Lots of grey cloud but it didn't rain, so we can't complain.

Afterwards we popped into Settle and had a look around the shops, then back to the site for dinner in the caravan.

We summoned up enough energy to walk to the Marton Arms later in the evening, which is about half as far as Ingleton and another nice pub.  Three nice pubs in a village is pretty good going.


No problems getting home.

Coming soon...

We will wait for the Easter rush to die down and hope to get away again before the end of April.

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