26 Apr 2010

Skelwith Fold - Ambleside

Second visit to this site. In a large wooded area just outside Ambleside. Uneventful journey - getting used to the extra weight now,  like the stabiliser lots!


DSCF1388No riff raff here (we used to be the riff raff!) 

Very poor reversing this time. No grass strip as a guide.  Tried to get into pitch no. 56 but ended up in 55.  The whole area looked a bit like a car park anyway so didn't really matter. Two window stays decided to give up as soon as we opened them - Something else to add to the fix list.

Quick walk around site.  Found really nice vacant pitch for a static caravan, no immediate neighbours and on a hill…one day…!

After a cup of tea and some sausage rolls, we walked to Skelwith Bridge and had tea and cake by the river, followed by a pint (Langdale Tup) in the Talbot bar.  Nobody else in the pub, which is how we like it!  Good chill-out music.


BBQ in the evening.  Fed up with burgers and sausages so before we left home J prepared lemon chicken and lamb skewers - yummy.  Laid off the beer tonight – had wine instead!  Nobody else having a BBQ…are they no longer fashionable?  Walked to site entrance to get a photo and saw a deer on the way back.  Too dark to get a photo of it.

Went to the on site library.  All the books donated by fellow campers and a great choice.  It’s not supervised so they expect you to be honest and take it back.  J found a paperback she liked but couldn’t read it all in one weekend so took it home.  In our defence we did donate a large bag of books ourselves!

Was great not having to make the bed up.  Purchased a made to measure foam mattress from efoam which fits like a dream.  It’s very firm and smells a bit funny, but good for the back, and just needs a bit of an airing.

Bit of a squeeze to the bathroom !

Day 2

Woke early so D popped to the site shop to get a danish pastry but hadn’t opened yet.  A fellow caravanner was hanging around too and gave him a lift back.  D didn’t want to take him out of his way so asked to be dropped off at the toilets which probably sounded worse!

Off to climb Wetherlam, near Coniston, at 9am.  It’s peak is 763 metres (2502 ft)   Got out of the car to be greeted by a flock of sheep being chased by a sheepdog, followed by the farmer on a quad bike shouting obscenities at it. The poor dog did it’s best and only two sheep escaped over the wall.  The farmer went after them, probably thinking ‘if you want something doing…’

At the start we came to some disused quarries and a dead sheep blocking a bridge.  Bear Grylls would have skinned it, eaten it, and wore the fleece, but we just prodded it and edged around it.


Good walk, a bit steep in places with some easy scrambling.  A bit hazy so not a good day for photos. Lunch at the top. Nice and easy on the way down, no problems with the knees this time.  Five miles in five hours, not very quick today!  Weather was warm, but think we were a bit optimistic putting on F50+ sun cream.


DSCF1420 Made it!

Back to base by 4pm.  A few beers by the caravan,  microwave meals (quite tasty) and a stroll down to Skelwith Bridge again, for more beer.  Then back to caravan for…beer!  Lots of drinking today.

Just about to go to bed when we discovered a problem with the sink…water not draining away and dripped all over the shower tray.  Nothing a bit of Mr Muscle can’t fix.

Time to go home

A bit of a lie in, so shop was open for business this time.  No sign of a lift so had to walk back!  Poured down while we were packing up but cheered up once on the motorway.  Uneventful journey home.

Skelwith Fold Caravan Park


  • Large shop with everything you could possibly need
  • Excellent facilities
  • Large library full of books donated by fellow caravanners.
  • Nice pub within walking distance


  • Pitches all hard standing, no grass at all…but lots of trees

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