5 Apr 2010

Bigger van smaller bed!


Took charge today of the Abi Sprinter 400D.   We were given a detailed tour around the van but have yet to try the fridge, heater and water pump – the most important things!  We were assured everything was tested and it’s under warranty so should be fine.  If not, it’s a long drive back to complain! Everything went well with the part exchange, they seemed pleased enough with our old van.  Thought the absence of an A frame would be a problem but it wasn’t mentioned.  D nervous about narrow lanes and road works on the M60 but not much traffic especially for a Bank Holiday Monday.  Also was a bit windy but the stabiliser did what it was supposed to do.

Once back at the storage site the curtains came straight down to be replaced – a sort of orangey pink and not very attractive! One of the front reflectors fell off on the way back but a quick eBay search found a replacement.  D pleased with the stabiliser but has discovered the security lock for it will cost between £50-£90. He’s thinking of a small chain and padlock feature instead! Nice to have an ’A’ frame too, looks much tidier and somewhere to store leads neatly away.  Carpet is okay, but will get a nice runner to cheer it up a bit – something to co-ordinate with the curtains I’m going to have a go at making!

Put the bed together and its about 2 foot narrower at 4ft so will be very cosy indeed! Not decided yet what end to sleep at.

All in all a nice van, much more room inside but no more difficult to tow. 





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