26 Mar 2010

Bigger and hopefully better!

Went to have a look at an Abi Sprinter 400D van today. Had a good poke around, and couldn't find any signs of damp anywhere. Bed a bit smaller than we are used to, so will be very cosy!

After a lot of haggling we managed to get an offer accepted for less than the asking price and we did get more than we thought our van was worth in part exchange (more than we bought it for!) Put a deposit down and just keeping fingers crossed they think ours is worth it when we take it there in 2 weeks time. Ours is in great condition so should be okay

Things going for it:

  • 5 years newer so more modern looking
  • Bigger windows and more of them so a lot brighter inside
  • Seating at the back that can be turned into a fixed bed (hurrah!)
  • No damp at all found after exhaustive search with damp meter

Things that need fixing:

  • Lift up worktop over sink doesn't fit properly
  • Catch to secure cooker lid when travelling needs reshaping
  • Seal around sink needs replacing
  • Bathroom door sticks (folding type)
  • Couple of small dents outside
  • Front fly screen ripped

All minor things that are easily sorted. A small price to pay for a dry van that's lightweight and newer.

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