7 Mar 2010

A New Year - Pooley Bridge

Well, the caravan got through the winter in one piece - no signs of damp thankfully and off we set for Waterfoot Park in Pooley Bridge - a nice site we have visited before

99% of the journey was uneventful then just before we got there, we noticed 'ROAD CLOSED AHEAD' signs. Anybody else would quickly find an alternative route, but not us - we drove right up to the barrier (half expecting them to let us through) and were met by a local worker who seemed to have trouble speaking. Now, this is not good if he's explaining the alternative route (we did catch something about right at the roundabout - but which one?) After a fabulous 3 point turn by D off we went back the way we came and over the M6 towards Penrith. Found the right road, but about half a mile from the site we were met by more cones. After explaining we were staying at the park they let us through. Seemed the road was being re-surfaced so was closed at both ends. D in a right state at this point thinking of the trouble it was going to cause



  • within 10 minute walk to village with 3 pubs and several shops
  • find pitch first then pay later so no queues at entrance
  • bar on site
  • excellent toilet / shower block
  • Public transport poor

We chose the pitch and set up. We're now in our 3rd year of caravanning so can connect everything up in about 10 minutes. First fault found grr.. the cover for the water inlet fell off on the way, was a bit loose but thought it would have held a bit longer.

Wandered down to the village but not much open as still a bit early in the year. Found a teashop with no one in it just the owner hoovering, very pleased he had a customer. Had lovely cream tea then walked back to the site. Had an uninspiring microwave dinner, quick shower and made up the bed, then back to the pub for the rest of the night.

Was a bit scary walking there and back as its pitch black - no street lighting at all until you get to the village. Seems a very safe area but you never know what wildlife is going to jump out at you. Came across a huge dead rabbit in the middle of the road. D calmly pulled it to the grass verge by its ears. No sign of it the next day - was probably taken away by a fox, but I like to think it was just a bit stunned and ran off.

Weather really cold that night, brought in the water pump as it was well below minus. Was quite warm once in bed but didn't sleep well as kept waking up with freezing cold eyelids! Had a bit of breakfast then set off for Angle Tarn


Second disaster of the weekend, the drainage plug snapped in half - all the pumped water trickled down the side of the caravan. No spares shop for miles so had to resort to using a 5 litre water bottle for everything, bit of a pain boiling the kettle to wash up.

Ran out of cash so headed into Penrith, forgot about the closed road and drove straight past the steamroller and over the fresh tarmac - D hysterical when he saw the tyre tracks in the rear view mirror. Was let out the other end, but told off for going down there (by the man with the speech impediment) Also needed a light bulb for the table lamp but Morrison's was having a refit so ended up in Wickes paying twice the price.

Booked a table for dinner earlier in the day at the Pooley Bridge Inn. Arrived to find we were on the worst table they had - under the tv and almost touching the settees in front of the fire (which sat 4 loud people and their dogs) Nice dinner all the same and not expensive. Had a drink at another pub but not so nice inside, also was short changed at the bar - don't think he believed I had given him a twenty pound note. Then was back to the caravan. D getting fed up of making up the bed every night (my job is to put it all away again) he's determined to get a bigger van now with seating at the back so we can keep the bed made up.

Packed away early next morning and set off for home. Dropped van off at the storage place then went to Discover in Delamere, Cheshire to get a new water plug and Truma cover. Spent a while looking inside the caravans and motor homes. Noticed we were overcharged on the cover so had to fill in a 2 sided form to get a pound back! Went back to storage place but D opened bag too quickly and dropped the fixing pins on the gravel. Looked around hopelessly but no sign so had to order some off eBay (is there anything you can't buy from there?)

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