21 Mar 2010

Return to Ravenglass

First trip of the year to the CCC site at Ravenglass, D's favourite site. A bit of a trek on A and B roads but well worth it.

ravenglass ccc

Arrived early on Friday and set up in no time at all. 10/10 for D's reversing skills - leave him to it and he's in there no problem, but as soon as a friendly warden offers advice he’s all over the place!
Caravan fully functional now, no problems this time apart from a slight hiccup with the hook-up, (fuse cut out twice) Was a bit of a worry but didn't happen again so presume was the site's doing. Even got a few tv and radio channels, which is unheard of! Decided against the tv after 10 minutes of putting up the aerial, and put it back in the car.  Can never find anything decent to watch at home with 10 times as many channels!

Ravenglass CCC site


  • In the heart of the village right by the estuary
  • Excellent facilities (as per CCC standards)


  • Is a good 45 minutes from the M6 so a 3 hr journey
  • Very small shop that is quite expensive

Strolled into Ravenglass....but it was shut! Even the pub was closed! Only the post office / mini market open. D was disappointed that the owner's cat wasn’t there this year. It was a huge ball of fur that slept on top of the ice cream freezer. I'm sure it breaches a few health and safety rules but no one seems to mind!


A short drive up the road to Drigg in search of tea and scones. Followed brown "craft centre" signs to Drigg railway station which promised coffee and crafts. Went through what looked like somebody's front door and found ourselves in a little room with handmade gifts and postcards. Asked where the cafe was located and were pointed towards a pair of curtains. Peered through them half expecting a fortune teller, and found ourselves in an even smaller room with barely enough room for the 3 tables. Was like sitting in someone's living room, a most surreal experience! The owner, who was friendly and quietly spoken informed us there was no tea on offer just coffee, and all the good cakes had gone but there was some nice caramel shortcake. D had his eye on some lovely watercolours but they were a bit pricey. Nothing else in Drigg at all, so drove to Wasdale Head and had a drink in the Inn. D very pleased they had Ennerdale Blonde beer!

Dinner in the caravan, followed by drinks in the Ratty Arms. The pub is situated at Ravenglass railway station.


It was once the station building for the Furness Railway, and it’s annexe is the old waiting room. Not a very good selection of beer this time which was a bit disappointing, but it has a nice atmosphere.

Saturday, not a good night's sleep. rained most of the night and as we were under trees it sounded like there was a flock of birds jumping up and down on the roof!

Drove to Ennerdale Bridge and walked around Ennerdale Water, about 7 miles and took about 4 hours in all. J very pleased, no mountains this time! Cold and windy to start but it soon cheered up. Quite level most the way round but very enjoyable all the same.

Back at base, had a shower then made up the bed before going out – big mistake!

Lovely sunset overlooking the estuary. We were joined by a local cat, a small child attracted by the cat, a parent trying to get the child away from the cat, and a hysterical teenager and her boyfriend, complete with tinny music from a mobile phone. The cat and the child were ok, but how far do you have to go to get away from teenagers fiddling with mobile phones?!DSCF1295


Had a huge dinner in the Ratty Arms and a bottle of wine. Uh oh, it was only 9pm, peaked too early again! Too full to drink any more, too cold to stay outside, so back to the caravan, but.....nowhere to sit! So, straight to bed at 9.45! This caravan is TOO SMALL! We need a bigger one with a fixed bed and somewhere to sit...watch this space.....

So tired we slept for 11 hours! Just had time for a quick bacon sandwich before packing up and leaving. A successful trip apart from the electrics drama, and nothing fell off this time!

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