31 Aug 2011


19th to 21st August 2011

After a break of a couple of weeks, it’s back to one of our favourite sites, the C&CC site at Windermere.


We’ve reviewed this site a few times and there’s nothing much to add, except it seemed very full this weekend. Never had to queue for toilets and showers, though, it just seemed a bit noisier than usual.

On arrival we were allocated a pitch near to the camping field at the back of the site.  A new part of the site for us!  Is it a bit snobbish not to want to be near the campers? When we used to camp, we always felt inferior to the caravanners.  Now we’re just beneath the static owners!


Awning up, it was off to Staveley to check out the Hawkshead Brewery Beer Hall.  Took shelter in the Eagle and Child on the way when it started to rain!

The Beer Hall is a well worth a visit.  Plenty of space and seating, all Hawkshead brewery beers on tap, a view of the inside of the brewery.

They do ‘Beer Tapas’ a great idea if you’ve already eaten but a bit peckish later on in the evening.  They do lots of little snacks for around £2 each

Just a pity that D wasn’t really keen on any of their beers! Tried several, but beer of the weekend was Corby Blonde (Cumberland brewery) in the Eagle and Child. J wouldn’t try a single beer, but they did Lakeland Lager for the unadventurous!

The other pub in Staveley has re-opened, too, so with three to choose from this village is looking a pretty good bet.  And we even found a short cut across the fields, albeit a bit muddy and probably too difficult in the dark!

Got back to the caravan just as it got dark.


Set off quite early to Grasmere, to do a bit of walking and then have a look around the village.  Grasmere is one of our favourite Lakeland villages, not too touristy but not too quiet either.

A bit of a debacle in the car park due to an out of order ticket machine.  As everybody else stuck bits of paper saying “machine not working” to their windscreens we headed for another car park a bit further away!  Are we too honest? More likely scared to get a ticket!

The objective of the day’s walk…Blea Rigg, 541 metres.  About 6 miles via Easdale Tarn, although it turned out to be a bit longer as we got a bit lost on the way back!  Don’t think we were the only ones as we saw another couple following us pretty much all day.


Managed to get quite close to the waterfalls of Sour Milk Ghyll on the way to Easdale tarn.  There are more pics in the gallery.



Afterwards, tea and cake in the village and a quick pint in Tweedies bar, then it started to rain and continued to do so for the rest of the night!  We stayed in the caravan listening to Absolute 80’s radio!

Which is when we discovered that the problem of water pooling in the awning roof has returned!  Nobody seems to know what to do about this problem, with suggestions ranging from an upturned broom to clearing it away at half hourly intervals!  I think we we will try an additional roof pole!


Homeward bound.


Coming soon

Nothing planned for the bank holiday weekend, then our first trip of the year to the Peak District…Castleton.


Our Life In A Caravan said...

Hi we sometimes have the same problem with pooling water, no amount of tightening/stretching of poles seems to make a differece, some times its ok, others not, the only thing we can think of is the run off is too shallow an angle! You cant always site the van with the awning down hill!

Our Caravan Blog said...

many hours have been spent raising and lowering different poles! We have just bought 2 more, so hopefully they may help!