9 Mar 2014

Our first ever caravan trip…re-created

Willowbank Caravan Park, Ainsdale

7th to 9th March 2014


No caravan trip for three months, so it seems we are not winter caravanners after all.  Well, the weather hasn’t been great, has it!

We usually like to start each year with a local trip to make sure the caravan has survived the winter and ease ourselves back into it.  Willowbank caravan park, Ainsdale, this year.  We came here when we got our first caravan, several years ago, well before we started blogging

Our first ever trip was a bit of a disaster because we bought the caravan without any accessories…battery, hookup lead etc, and spent the weekend traipsing around caravan accessory shops.  A few things didn’t work either, and we generally didn’t know what to do!

No such trouble this time, with everything in working order…apart from the things that have never worked and we have never got around to fixing. Only minor problem was a perished seal around the water inlet but we had a spare.



All it needed was a good clean, and a bit of Silky soon had it gleaming



Things that don’t work in our caravan

  • Cooker grill 
  • Shower
  • Blown air heating
  • Light above kitchen
  • Cassette toilet  -actually, this might work, we have never tried it!

Time to get a new one?

Not far from home, so a very quick journey.  The site was not very full and we were the only caravan in a cul-de-sac of 12 pitches.


After setting everything up we went for a stroll in the nearby sand dunes and ended up in Ainsdale village, which is home to a nice Toby Carvery, so we stayed for dinner.  Spent the rest of the evening in the caravan, listening to the radio.


A walk through sand dunes and woodland.  Near the beginning we came across this sign:


Sadly we never saw anything, we were hoping we would be called on as extras!

We ended up at the beach and walked to nearby Freshfields – an affluent area popular with footballers and celebs - then jumped the train one stop to Formby for a pint in the Railway Inn, then back to the site.


A quick shower then we headed into Southport for a walk along the pier and dinner in a Chinese restaurant, which was nice apart from two drunken cockney lads with tourettes on a nearby table.  The food was good and we even tried a Chinese beer.

Afterwards, a quick drink in Wetherspoons, then back to the caravan for more radio and scrabble.  J used all her tiles with ‘AUDITED’ so the game was effectively over from early on!


An uneventful journey home after an uneventful weekend, more of a fact finding mission

Coming soon…

Windermere…our most visited site.

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