1 Apr 2015


27th to 29th March 2015

Undaunted by a bad weather forecast, it’s off to Buxton this weekend.  Our second visit to this site, the first being around the same time last year.  We like this site, it could become one of our favourites.



Arrived early to find the site almost empty, so we had our pick of pitches.



Buxton town centre is walkable from the site, albeit a steep walk back through woodland.  We went anyway, stopping off at Solomon’s temple on the way.  Still a bit of snow around.


We’ve been to Buxton a few times and have always wondered why there aren’t more pubs.  It seems we have been looking in the wrong place, around the Pavilion Gardens and Opera House.  Had a couple of drinks and dinner in the Buxton Brewery tap house, then headed up a hill and found all of the other pubs, including the Cheshire Cheese, which we liked.


IMG_0029Ducks in the Pavilion Gardens 


Awoke to the sound of wind and rain, the first of two weather fronts that were to feature this weekend.  It promised to brighten up in the afternoon, which it did, so we donned our waterproof trousers and set off for a walk around Wetton and along the Manifold trail, the highlight of which was Thor’s cave.  We didn't climb inside as it was very slippery and a long way down!  No pic, not sure why!





A quick detour to Longnor on the way back, but not much there so we didn’t hang around, and we got back to the caravan just as it started to rain again.  It continued to rain throughout the night and it was very windy too, so we had a quiet night in.




Deja vous, awoke to the sound of wind and rain!  It did calm down a bit as we put everything away, but we got quite wet.  Couldn’t find the toilet fob so we left without returning it.  Of course we found it as soon as we got home, so we posted it back to them.

Coming soon…

Will stay at home over Easter to avoid the masses, then maybe go somewhere the weekend after.

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