14 May 2015


8th to 10th May 2015

We’re back, after a break of a couple of weeks during which time we went on holiday to Fuerteventura.  We stayed in Corralejo, in a nice villa overlooking the beach, great weather, blue skies…none of that this weekend.  Well, we did see a bit of blue sky.

Oxon touring park, just outside Shrewsbury, a site we have visited a couple of times before.


We were a bit disorganized this time, due to D staying up all night watching the election results, but we still managed to arrive before 1pm.  Just about managed to make it to the nearby Co-op for supplies before it started to rain.  The rest of the day was a washout and we just relaxed inside the caravan.



Better weather today, even a bit of blue sky, so we headed for The Wrekin (407 metres), near Telford.  D very disappointed that OS Get A Map software has changed, not for the better, so not as tidy a route pic as previously.


This is a popular place but we managed to avoid the crowds by taking an indirect, very steep in places, approach to the summit.  It was busy at the top, and windy, but great views.



IMG_0037   IMG_0004

Managed to find three out of four geo-caches, which is pretty good going for us.  There were just too many people around to get the last one.


In the afternoon we got a bus into Shrewsbury and walked along the river, before dinner and a few drinks in the town centre.


Up early and a good journey home.  The Archers and Bradley Wiggins on Desert Island Discs.

Coming soon…

Three nights in Ravenglass.

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