11 Apr 2016


8th to 10th April 2016

A half decent weather forecast, nothing much to do this weekend, so a last minute trip to the much visited Kendal CC site.


Arrived dead on 1pm, which is the new earliest arrival time for this site.  The wardens were being quite strict, apparently, making people who had arrived earlier wait, but no such problem for people like us who take notice of the rules.

Lots of pitches to choose from.  The trees have been thinned out a bit since we were last here, or maybe it's just the lack of leaves on trees at this time of year, but the site felt more open than previously.  Our bird feeder was an instant success.  Normally birds won't come near it if we are outside, but today they were much bolder than usual.  No new sightings, but plenty of the usual ones.

We sat outside enjoying the fine weather for a bit, then walked to a nearby bus stop and got the 555 into Kendal.

We've never really been to Kendal before.  It's a lot less touristy than other towns in Cumbria, which is not a bad thing, and we had a look around the castle, but we couldn't find any pubs we liked and we didn't stay out late.  Instead we got a bus back to the site and had fish and chips from the visiting van.  It started to rain in the evening, so we didn't go out again.


The search for a static goes on.  There was one for sale at not too far away Newby Bridge caravan park.  Too expensive, fees too high and sold before we had even left the house, but we've only ever passed through Newby Bridge so we thought we would have a look at the site anyway.  There is a public footpath running through it.

A nice, quiet site, but too expensive for us.

We carried on to Bigland tarn.  Excellent walking conditions, but the ground was very boggy.

J finding a geocache 

Cute lamb pic!

Last year we found a really remote, newly opened caravan site in Lowick Green.  At the time there were only two caravans on site, and when we drove past it in the afternoon there were still only two caravans there.  All that is stopping us joining them is being able to find a good quality caravan, no more than three or four years old, and green.  There are plenty of affordable caravans around, but none in green!

We drowned our sorrows in the Rusland Pool hotel before heading back to the site, stopping off at Booths on the way.

After dinner in the caravan we were going to go to the nearby Strickland Arms pub, but it started to rain heavily so we had another night in.


A particularly good Archers to entertain us on the way home.  We realised half way that we had left the bird feeder behind, so we will have to invest in another one before out next trip, which won't be until May because we are going on holiday soon - a cruise mostly around Italy.

Coming soon...

After the cruise we will probably try to go somewhere in Derbyshire, a break from the Cumbria.

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