25 Sept 2016


22nd to 25th September 2016

Hot on the heels of our trip to Skipton, a three night trip to the Kendal CC site.


D still of work, so a Thursday start.  Despite a bit of traffic,we arrived close to the 1pm earliest arrival time, and quickly chose pitch no. 21, probably the best pitch on the site.  A bit difficult to reverse into, but it is a pitch on its own with no other caravans visible from it.

After setting everything up we drove to Booths to pick up some supplies, including some barbecue food.

After a fairly successful barbecue we walked to the nearby Strickland Arms pub, but they didn't have any nice beers so we only stayed for one pint.


An introduction to the howgills.  A walk from Sedbergh to Arant Haw and Winder hill to be precise.  We've never walked in this area before and we weren't overly impressed.  Nowhere near as dramatic as fells the other side of the M6, just a collection of rolling, grassy hills.  Good views, but not a great day for pics.  At least it didn't rain.

In the evening we had a couple of drinks sitting outside the Strickland Arms (much better beers tonight), then fish and chips from the visiting van.


Not a great weather forecast for today, but it actually turned out to be ok.  In the morning we went for a stroll from the site to Levens Hall, only to find it shut!  Quite a nice walk through the grounds and deer park, though, and we managed to find our 99th geocache.  The aim is to get to 100 this year, which should be possible, although we are very lazy 'cachers and give up very easily.

Not sure what the cause of death was! 

J finding our 99th geocache 

Interesting funghi

The plan for the rest of the day was to go to Ambleside, have a look around the shops, have dinner in Zeffirellis and stay to watch the live music.

En route we noticed signs advertising the festival of the fells, which turned out to be a series of talks and lectures, which meant the upstairs part of Zeffirellis was closed and downstairs was fully booked.  We retreated to Booths, picked up some pasta for dinner and had another night in.  It rained quite a bit in the night!


An uneventful journey home.  Back to reality (work) on Monday!

Coming soon...

Nothing booked, but we really want to go back to Ravenglass soon.

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