27 Nov 2016


25th to 27th November 2016

Back in the caravan after a break of about a month, during which time we enjoyed some winter sunshine in a villa in Playa Blanca, Lanzarote.

Plenty of sunshine this weekend, too, but much, much colder!


We last visited the Croft, Hawkshead, exactly a year ago.  We really like this site at this time of year.  It's not too busy, there were only a handful of motorhomes on site all weekend (we were the only caravan), and it's just across the road from Hawkshead village, which has a great selection of pubs and a few shops.  We like the peace and quiet of the site and the village.

Maybe a reason why it is so quiet are the narrow, twisty approach roads from Ambleside.  Luckily we didn't meet a bus or lorry coming the other way, but we probably will one day!

No trouble finding a pitch.

We were quite late getting there due to an accident on the M6, so it was about 3.30 before we strolled into the village...almost dark!  We got a good seat in the Kings Arms and stayed there all afternoon/evening, moving into the dining rooms for an early dinner around 6.  We had to vacate the dining room by 7.30 and the bar area was quite full by then, so we relocated to the Red Lion for one more drink before heading back to the caravan.

A very cold night, but at least no wind or rain.  Good job we thought to bring the water pump in, there was a layer of ice in the water barrel in the morning!


A short drive to Tarn Hows on icy roads for a walk up Black Crag and the surrounding area.  We've done this walk before, but chose different paths this time.

Blue sky and sunshine for most of the day, great conditions for a not too strenuous walk.

Frozen Tarn Hows

Near the summit of Black Crag

This is why there are relatively few pics of us in the blog!  We both hate having our photo taken.

We got back to the site around 3.30 and rushed into the village to catch a great sunset from the church grounds.  The church is quite impressive, on a hill overlooking the village.  We must go inside one day!

After dinner in the caravan we headed back into the village for drinks in the Kings Arms and Red Lion.


In addition to narrow, twisty roads there is a nasty hill start on the way home, at Clappersgate, which D made a mess of once again.  At least he didn't stall!

We spent a lot of money this weekend, and this is where a lot of it went!  Well, you can't get them anywhere in Liverpool!

Coming soon...

Christmas is looming and we are supposed to be getting a new car sometime in the next couple of weeks, so nothing planned for the rest of this year.  See you in 2017.

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