24 Mar 2019


22nd to 24th March 2019

Our first "real" trip of the year, the last one was more of a fact finding mission to see how the new car would perform and whether the caravan had survived the winter.  The caravan is fine and now that it has been fixed the car is growing on us.

Our destination this weekend - the Windermere C&CC site.


The aim was to get there at 1pm, the earliest arrival time, but signs saying that the M6 was closed soon put paid to that!  Fortunately we managed to navigate around the closure using the A58 and then the M61 and we ended up getting there just after 1.30pm, so it could have been a lot worse.

We got reasonable pitch, but forgot to take a pic of the caravan this time.

As soon as we had set everything up we headed across the fields in the rain to Staveley, for the Hawkshead Brewery Spring beer festival.

Lot's of beers sampled, we stayed for about 6 hours!  It was really busy in the afternoon but we managed to find a seat when we wanted one, and it seemed to quieten down a bit in the evening anyway.


Better weather today.  We went for a walk from the site along the Dales way to Windermere, about 6 miles in total.

We got a train from Windermere back to Staveley and returned to the beer festival in the afternoon, but it was packed and we didn't stay long.  We thought the Eagle and Child might be a bit quieter, and it was...a bit.  We sat outside in the beer garden overlooking the river.  The Eagle and Child is a nice pub but we only seem to come to this site when the beer festival is on these days, something we might remedy later in the year.

Some friendly sheep who followed us for a while on the way back to the site.

We got back to the site around 6pm and had dinner in the caravan and a night in.  A fabulous sunset but by the time we noticed it it was too late to go up into the hills to get a pic, and the pic we took from the caravan was rubbish.  One that got away!


Up and away early, no problems getting home.

Coming soon...

A three night trip to Castlerigg Hall, Keswick.

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