12 Sept 2021


10th to 12th September

Another week, another caravan trip...it's almost like things are back to normal.  The plan for the rest of the year is to cram in as many trips as possible before bad weather and/or another lockdown arrives.  It's not like we can go overseas, is it!

The weekend sees us at the Coniston CAMC site.


A bit of a mix up on arrival.  At CAMC sites we always check to see if our favourite pitches are available by looking at the keys hanging on the wall in reception.  This time we were looking for pitch no. 74 and the key was missing so we knew it wouldn't be available and we would have to look elsewhere.   The mix up being that we got the pitch number wrong - we should have been looking for pitch no. 64!  After setting up elsewhere we discovered that it was available and we could have had it.  Doh!

Oh well, pitch 180 is pretty good too, just a bit of a hike to the toilets and showers!

On arrival we noticed that there was a pizza van setting up near reception.  We booked a couple of pizzas for 7.30 and then headed into Coniston.

Coniston Hall campsite, which you have to go through to get to the village, was very busy, as were the other fields on the way.

We headed straight to the Black Bull Inn, which is probably our favourite pub in the village.  Oliver's light ale for D and Oliver's lager for J.  Who is Oliver, we wondered?

Then we moved across the road to the Yewdale hotel but things weren't quite as back to normal there.  No ordering at the bar, table service only.  Luckily we got served pretty much straight away but other couples came and had to wait ages.  The first ones gave up and decided to leave when a waitress finally appeared, but not before having a dig about the poor service.  Another couple were still waiting when we left!

The pizzas were waiting to be collected when we got back to the site and they were pretty good.  Neptune (tuna, red onion and sweetcorn) for D and a chicken one for J.

It was quite a warm night and we were able to sit outside until quite late.  Despite being full the site was nice and quiet.


The weather was supposed to be better today but it turned out to be the other way around, with lots of cloud and light showers today.

We went for a walk anyway, to Blawith Knott and Beacon tarn.

Six and a bit miles and more strenuous than it looked because there was a lot of up and down.  We probably did the equivalent of a medium sized mountain like Coniston Old Man.  It rained off and on but our waterproof coats did their job and we didn't get soaked.  Not a good day for pics.  We even saw a couple swimming about in the tarn, more hardy than us!

Beacon tarn

In the afternoon we lounged around the caravan and then had a barbecue.

The plan was to head back into Coniston in the evening, but it is about 1.7 miles each way and we were a bit worn out from our walk so decided to have a bottle of wine sitting outside the caravan instead.  Another quiet, peaceful night.


We are getting quite good at getting away early, we left before 9.30 and were home before midday.

Coming soon...

Nothing booked, but it would be good to get another couple of trips in this month if the weather is okay...

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