17 Oct 2021


15th to 17th October 2021

Third visting of the year to the Kendal CAMC site.


A traditional Friday start, last day of a week's holiday for D.  Our main holiday this year...almost back to back caravan trips!

A good start when we found that one of our favourite pitches was available, and a not so good start when we found out the showers in the nearest facilities block were not working.

We had lunch sitting outside the caravan enjoying the autumn sushine and thought about having a barbecue later, but the temperature tends to plummet at this time of year and we decided against it.  Instead we walked a mile to the nearest bus stop and got a bus into Kendal, which is just a bit too far to walk comfortably.

We headed straight for the Barrel House which is the tap room of Bowness Bay brewery.  We spent far too long there and ended up ordering a pizza from a nearby cafe.  The Barrel House doesn't do food but they let you eat things bought from the cafe. 

Next stop was the Handsome brewery, which was new to us, then the Fell bar.  There are plenty of choices in Kendal at the moment!

We got a taxi back to the site around 8.30 and spent the rest of the night in the caravan.


Yesterday's glorious weather was replaced by dark clouds and drizzly rain but we set out for a walk near Newby Bridge, to Simpson Ground reservoir and White Stone.

Waterproof coats all the way but we didn't get really soaked until we climbed to the summit of White Stone.  Bog End Moss should have been a clue!  Waist high grass and bracken soaked our trousers and D's boots filled up with water!  New boot shopping to look forward to soon!

It's good to go walking in adverse conditions sometimes!

In the afternoon we walked to the nearby farm shop to get some supplies and then spent the night inside the caravan with wine, cheese and crisps!


We awoke to the sound of rain on the caravan roof and had to pack everything away in the rain.  Water drained, containers of salt in the sink, the caravan is ready for winter just in case, but we are hoping to get away again this year.

Coming soon...

Nothing booked, but if the weather is ok we hope to get another couple of trips in this year.

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