13 Oct 2021

Pooley Bridge

11th to 13th October 2021

Our second visit of the year to Pooley Bridge and to Hillcroft Park.

What a difference a few month's makes.  Last time we came the site was packed and very noisy, but not this time.  Hardly anybody in the glamping pods, one tent and not many caravans in the non serviced section, which is where we where.


A Monday start, thanks to a week off work for D.

We like this site because there are mature hedges between each pitch, so we don't have to see anyone!  We didn't have any neighbours anyway.

After the over the top covid-19 restrictions of our last trip it was a welcome relief to find that almost all restrictions have been lifted here.  Just a polite reminder that you might like to wear a mask in reception and the facilities.  Hardly anyone did!

Pooley Bridge is just a short walk from the site and that is where we headed after setting everything up.  

First tea and cake in Granny Dowbekins Cafe

Then a drink in the Crown Inn.  No freehouses here...just Thwaites, Jennings or Robinsons.  The Crown is a Thwaites pub.  We liked their ordering app once we got the hang of it!

A view of the new Pooley Bridge bridge from the cafe...not a patch on the old one!

We walked back down in the evening for dinner in the Crown Inn, stopping on the way to get a few pics of Ullswater.

Mediterranean fish stew for D, Indian spiced chicken for J...and a bottle of wine!

We were back in the caravan before 9pm and spent the rest of the night listening to the radio.


The first walk we ever did in Cumbria was along the shores of Haweswater reservoir, and that is where we drove to after a not very early start.  According to a waitress in the cafe yesterday, earlier in the year the water level was the lowest it has been since 1995, but apparently it has bounced back a bit now.  Still, traces of the deliberately flooded village of Mardale were clearly visible. 

Two Wainwrights today...Selside and Branstree.  On paper, the most strenuous walk we have done for quite a while. 134 done, 80 to go!

We set off up the Old Corpse road, so called because it was the route taken by Mardale residents to bury their dead.  Quite steep to start with, we were glad to get to the "resting place" which is just a couple of derelict buildings. Not sure we could have carried a coffin!

Nice views of the reservoir but it was a grey day and not very good for pics.

The summit shelter on Selside...we couldn't get in, it was occupied!

Only one geocache today, but it had a cute trackable in so will be moving that along next time

The summit of Branstree

It did rain a bit!

In the evening we wandered down into the village to get supplies and had a quick drink in the Crown Inn, then spent the rest of the night in the caravan, retiring to bed by 10pm exhausted!


We left early and were home before midday, with a very warm welcome from our cat!

Coming soon...

A day at home, then we are away again at the weekend.  Not sure where yet.

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