21 Jun 2010

Windy Windermere

A return visit to the CCC site at Windermere.  A big site, but surprisingly quiet.  Easy to get to as it’s not far from junction 36 of the M6.


A break of two weeks, just enough time to fit new friction pads to the stabiliser and for D to snap a tendon in the end of his middle finger making the bed up in the caravan.  Stabiliser still creaks and D’s finger is in a splint for 6-8 weeks!  The technical term for the finger problem is “mallet finger” and the technical term for the stabiliser problem is…”what the **** is wrong with it!”

Allocated pitch no.46, same as last time we were there.  Lucky it’s a goodun!

No problems this time.  Had a bit of a panic as the water was slow coming out of the kitchen tap.  Turned out J didn’t plug the hook up lead in far enough so it was running off the low battery.  In no time at all we were sitting down, drinking tea and feeding the local wildlife.


Then a cross country walk of about a mile and a half into Staveley for the customary Friday afternoon pint.  Just one, because we had to get back for a BBQ and England v Algeria, which D listened to on the radio as he forgot to bring the tv. Didn’t miss much by all accounts!

Whilst sitting outside enjoying the evening sun, we noticed a hot air balloon drifting past, complete with England flag attached to the basket.  That’s something we will have to do one day!


Day 2

Stony Cove Pike or Caudale Moor was the objective of today’s walk.  Starting from the pub at the top of a very windy Kirkstone Pass and about five miles.  Quite a steep climb into the wind, followed by an equally steep descent into Troutbeck valley, followed by an even steeper “off path” climb out of the valley.  Going off path never ends well but at least we didn’t get lost this time, just an unpleasant, slog through thick undergrowth alongside a wall.  J not impressed - doesn’t like walking uphill on grass.  Oh well, another “Wainwright” bagged, which makes 26.  Only another 188 to go!!

J likes a good path!


Afterwards, a pint of Langdale Tup in the Kirkstone Inn, followed by a carvery dinner in Bowness, overlooking Lake Windermere. Sat by the lake for a bit with ice creams.

Kirkstone Pass Inn dating back to 1496

Sat outside the caravan for while in the evening, wondering whether to go to the onsite bar for a football quiz.  As we know next to nothing about football, we decided to give it a miss! Instead, a walk into nearby fields to sit on a rock and watch the sun go down, surrounded by sheep...baa!  Very peaceful.  Saw a fox running across the field. 

Have you ever heard a sheep cough?  It sounds exactly like a human!

Back in the caravan, a real find for J…’Absolute 80’s’ radio station!

Windermere CCC site


  • Excellent toilets and showers
  • Big site, but very quiet
  • Easy to get to


  • A bit on the edge of things
  • Main shower block gets cleaned around 11pm, which is our preferred showering time!

Coming soon…watching the boats go by…a canal side site in Cheshire!

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Phil said...

I once broke down on the Kirkstone Pass in a VW Jetta. The engine was overheating. We walked up to the Inn for a shandy and when we got back to the car it had cooled down enough to creep up to the top of the hill. We decided to stay and got a lovely room with a 4 poster.

Lovely meal, lovely bed lovely night. Mind you that was 20 years ago.