1 Nov 2011

Herriott country

28th to 30th October 2011

Brown Moor, Hawes, North Yorkshire,  a new site for us.


Great location, just a few minutes walk from the town and facilities up to usual CC standard.  See review at end.


30 or so miles of A and B roads made the journey seem longer than it actually was, but at least it was nice scenery!

No awning this weekend, so a very quick set up and plenty of time to answer a question that has been troubling us for a while…DAB or FM radio, which is best in a caravan situation?  We brought a really old FM radio with us this week, to compare with the DAB one we usually use.  In a poor signal area we didn’t get a single station with the DAB radio, but perfect FM reception.  Which confirms what D has always though, DAB is rubbish unless you are in a good signal area or have a really good aerial, which we haven’t!  We are showing our age now and think new technology sucks!


Then we headed into Hawes, Yorkshire’s highest market town


First, a craft fair and second hand book shop.  Didn’t buy anything though.

Then the Wensleydale Creamery.  Lots of free samples, which we gorged ourselves on!  Ended up buying £15 worth of cheese.  Had a look around the museum, but we were too late to watch the cheese being made.

Then we tried three of the four pubs in the high street.  All pretty average, with the Crown probably the best of the bunch.  Well, it had a cat with no tail, so no contest really!  Best beer was in the Old Board Inn, but overhearing the landlady talking about how disgusting the gents toilets were put us off a bit.  D didn’t venture in, so can’t confirm how disgusting they actually are!

No time to visit the Dales museum or Herriott gallery, maybe next time.

Dinner in the fish and chip shop, which also has a small seating area.  Excellent, but not exactly cheap.

Back at the caravan, we discovered that the gas had run out…and it was a pretty cold night.  Luckily we had remembered to bring a halogen heater with us for just such an emergency, so we didn’t freeze.

Saturday 30th

Lots of good walking straight from the site, so no need to use the car.  We headed into the hills to the north of Hawes.  No summit of note, just a walk in the hills, in rapidly deteriorating weather!



IMG_2526A soggy J


Ended up in the village of Hardraw.  After eating our packed lunch in the church grounds followed by tea and a cake in the local tea room, we ended up in the “legendary” Green Dragon Inn which dates back to the 13th century.  It  has Hardraw Force waterfall in its grounds and charges £2 per person to get to it.  Just about worth it, we thought.

Green Dragon Inn

IMG_2532Hardraw Force Waterfall

And what a fabulous pub the Green Dragon is!  Loads of character, stone walls, plenty of space, log fires, nicely lit (maybe too dark for some), and great beer!

After dining in the caravan, we headed back to the Green Dragon Inn, J volunteering to drive as we thought it was just a bit too far to walk given the current weather conditions.  Definitely walkable in better weather, though.  Not exactly crowded, just a few locals and people staying in the hotel.

Sunday 30th

We remembered to put the clocks back, so got up early and had time for a bacon and egg breakfast and a stroll into Hawes before heading for home.

Brown Moor, Hawes


  • Good facilities, usual CC standard.
  • Large hard-standing pitches, nicely laid out.
  • Only a short stroll into Hawes.


  • Struggling to think of any!

We will definitely return to this site next year, if only to re-visit the Green Dragon Inn in Hardraw.

Coming soon…

Back to the lake district…Fallbarrow Park in Bowness, another new site for us.

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