14 Aug 2014

Ludlow touring park

8th to 10th August


Our first visit to Ludlow and to this site.  We have been to Morris Leisure’s sister sites in Betws y Coed and Shrewsbury and found them to be excellent, albeit a bit expensive.  This is a new site, it’s only been open two years.  The trees and bushes are still establishing themselves and in few more years it will be even better.  As it is now it’s hard to fault – spacious hard standing pitches, an adults only section, excellent facilities, a short(ish) walk into Ludlow.  The only downside for us is getting there…


We left the storage site at 10.30 and arrived just before 2.00!  On paper it looked like a fairly straightforward journey down the A49, but we didn’t bargain for roadworks, accidents, general traffic.

It was a relief to (expertly) reverse the caravan into pitch 103.


After a super quick set up we walked into Ludlow and headed straight for the castle.  We had it almost to ourselves, which was a bit of a surprise.


IMG_5405 IMG_5403 A ghostly J!

IMG_5409View of Ludlow from the castle keep 

Dinner in the Church Inn.  Wobbly Grunter for D, Fidgety Bottom for J.  Types of pie, two of forty, although our first choices were not available on the day.

On the way back we stopped at the Charlton Arms Hotel, a nice pub/hoitel by the river.  Sat outside for a while before moving inside, and managed to just about miss a pretty good sunset…



A short drive from the site to Overton and a foresty walk up to High Vinnals.  We were glad of the shade, it was another hot day.




Afterwards we drove into Ludlow and had a look around the shops.  We didn’t have time the day before because we wanted to visit the castle.  Bought some cheese.

To barbecue or not to barbecue?  We decided against it because it was clouding over.  Just as well because it started to rain late afternoon.

In between showers we walked to a nearby bus stop and got the last bus into Ludlow.  Had a couple of drinks in the Feathers, a really old pub/hotel in the centre of town.  Hobson’s Old Prickly for D, Pimms for J.Old Prickly anniversary beer launches this week

Old Prickly – 5p of each pint to the British Hedgehog Preservation Society – that’s 10p from D

An excellent weekend for D’s beer mat collection – five new ones!


Whilst enjoying his pint, a lady approached D asking would he take a photo of their family reunion!…



Awoke to the sound of heavy rain, but luckily it eased off a bit just in time for us to put everything away.  The return journey was much better, about two and a half hours.

Coming soon…

Nothing booked, we are going to take a break until the school holidays are over.  Will probably go somewhere early September.


We haven’t got it yet, but it looks like we are getting a new (to us) caravan…a Swift Charisma 220.  So the next trip will be a bit of a fact finding mission, when we will discover all the things wrong with it that we didn’t notice before we bought it!

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