7 Jul 2015


3rd to 6th July 2015



We’ve been here a few times and it is one of our favourite sites.  Trouble is, there are too many pitches to choose from.  As is customary, we drove around the site a couple of times, argued a bit, and then settled for the shadiest pitch as far away from the toilets as it is possible to get!

Actually pitch 209 is a pretty good pitch, with trees and bushes separating it from nearby pitches.


Caravan club pitches are marked by white (with awning) or blue (without awning) posts and we couldn’t figure out why some were purple.  The pitch opposite us was a purple peg.  It turns out they are seasonal pitches. We asked at reception and they are £1500 for the season, which isn’t bad.  Maybe next year, although they are probably hard to get!  Lots of terms and conditions, too, including having to take the awning down after each visit.  We are undecided.

Last week we took a birdfeeder to Whitchurch and not a single bird went anywhere near it.  This time a bird appeared almost straight away, and kept returning.


After setting everything up we headed to nearby Coniston.  It’s a bit of a trek at just under two miles and we were ready for a drink when we got there.  We started in the Black Bull, but left abruptly when people on the next table decided to change one of their babies nappies…at the table.  Is this acceptable these days?  It was only wet, but urgh!  We headed up the hill to the Sun Inn.

We didn’t stay out late, instead we returned to the site for a barbecue.

It rained a lot in the night and there was a lot of thunder!


It was still a bit murky in the morning, but we drove to Torver anyway and walked to the summit of White Maiden, 608 metres.


Not much of a view from the top today…



Dinner in the caravan, then we walked back to Torver for a quick drink.  The Church House Inn has re-opened, and has had a bit of a makeover.  It’s nice enough, but this trip we favoured the Wilson Arms because it has better outside seating.


A lazy day today.  We just sat around the caravan until late afternoon.  It rained a bit, but stopped in the evening, so we walked into Coniston for dinner in the Sun Inn.  We were a bit surprised to find the fire lit, but apart from that it was a nice meal.  A Sunday roast for J and a duck and plum pie for D.


We had a quick wander around the site looking for purple seasonal pitches and identified a couple that we like the look of, then set off about 10.30.

Stopped for a sausage sandwich on the way home.

Coming soon…

Windermere C&CC site, for the Hawkshead Brewery beer festival.

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