11 Dec 2016


9th to 11th December 2016

Unseasonably mild weather and a free weekend finds us at the Southport Caravan Club site.  Our 22nd caravan trip of the year, beating our previous best of 21.

This is one of those sites that is usually fully booked, but not this weekend, with about 100 of 171 pitches free!  Not sure why.  It is within walking distance of the town centre, which has a good selection of shops and restaurants.  Maybe it is more for families, we can imagine it being packed in the summer.  We're not complaining, though, a site can never be too empty for us.


Southport is not far away and it only took about half an hour to get there.  No trouble finding a good pitch.

After a quick set up we walked into Southport via the marine lake, just as it was getting dark and starting to rain.  We had dinner in our pub of choice for the weekend - The Corridor Bar.  It's long and narrow, as the name suggests, and a really nice cheese and ham platter caught our eye.  We also liked Peaky Blinders (busier and noisier), The Guest House (a real ale pub) and Remedy (great selection of gins).  We drank a lot of gin this weekend!

The Christmas tree, with Remedy behind it


The rain rained itself out overnight and Saturday turned out to be cloudy and grey, but dry!

In the morning we went for a walk around Ainsdale forest and sand dunes, stopping off on the way for breakfast at nearby Morrisons.  The area is home to natterjack toads, but this is the closest we got to seeing one...

We did see a wild, decorated Christmas tree...

A really nice place for a not too strenuous walk, a mixture of trees, dunes and beach.

In the afternoon we headed back into Southport and walked to the end of the pier, which has an old style penny arcade.  Nothing like the ones we have today.

Then we went a bit mad!  A drink in a pub in one of the side streets (can't remember its name), dinner and a bottle of wine in Casa Italia, then more drinks in The Corridor Bar, then a final gin and tonic in Remedy.  We were reeling when we finally got back to the caravan.  No more drinking for a few days at least!

From a Christmas cracker in Casa Italia


We didn't leave until 10.30, which is quite late for us,but we were still home in the house by 11.30.

Coming soon...

That is definitely it for 2016.  We might do something between Christmas and new year, but not in the caravan.  We will be back in 2017. 


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