10 Oct 2017


7th to 10th October 2017

Second visit of the year to Castlerigg Hall, our favorite site in the Keswick area.


A good thing about this site is that you can book a specific pitch online, so no nasty surprises on arrival.  We've been on pitch 20 before, and like it.  Nice view and lots of rabbits.

What's missing from this pic?

In the afternoon we drove into Keswick and had a look around the outdoor shops and the market and Booths (bought cheese and biscuits as usual).  Then back to the site for dinner in the caravan, followed by a couple of drinks in the bar of nearby Heights hotel. Got talking to some people who were on a rally at Castlerigg Farm, which is another site just up the road.

We were the only ones there when they left, so we headed back to the caravan for the cheese and biscuits we'd bought earlier.


D up early, for a short but steep walk up Raven Crag (461 metres).  J stayed in bed.  It nearly didn't happen because a road was closed, then the parking area was closed, but he made it. 

Viewing platform at the top of Raven Crag


In the afternoon we walked into Keswick and spent a few hours in The Wainwright, our favorite pub in the town.  Roast beef for D, roast pork for J.  We tried to get into the Dog and Gun after dinner, but it was full to bursting so we went back to The Wainwright instead.  Got a taxi back to the site about 9pm.


We drove to Grange, then got a bus to the Honister slate mine and walked back to the car via Dale Head (753 metres) and High Spy (653 metres).

The weather was ok in the morning, but drizzly in the afternoon.  Oh well, it is autumn.  Starting half way up was good, but there was lots of hard descent on this walk, plus a route finding problem towards the end when the path didn't match what was on the OS app.  It was good to get up in the clouds, we haven't been there for a while.

Dale Head 

High Spy 

A dead sheep we saw on the way down.

A happy rock!

In the evening we drove into Keswick, the plan being to have Hungarian goulash in the Dog and Gun, but once again it was full to bursting.  We had a quick drink in The Wainwright, then took fish and chips back to the caravan and had a night in.


It was wet and windy in the night, but ok in the morning and we made it back to the storage site around 1pm.

Coming soon...

Nothing booked.  The caravan is being serviced next weekend, so we are going to wait and see how that goes!

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