11 Mar 2018


9th to 11th March 2018

Back after almost a four month break!  Well, it's hard to get away in December in the run-up to Christmas, then most sites are closed in January and February, and the ones that are open are fully booked, and the weather has been bad, and...!

Anyway, we're back now.


A site close to home for the first trip of the year - Chester Fairoaks.  As near as you can get to Chester in a caravan and less than half an hour from home.  It's not one of our favorite sites, sandwiched between two motorways, but we like Chester and there is a caravan shop quite close to the site.

Just as well, as it turned out. As soon as we switched the pump on water came gushing out of a blue bridge that connects some pipes.

The offending part

Luckily nearby Flintshire Caravans had the part in stock and we managed to get it all sorted out by 3, before getting a bus into Chester at about 3.30.

There are some nice pubs in Chester, and we we had mini fish and chips in a fish and chip shop with a seating area (and it was mini).  We got a bus back just after 10.


A day of disasters.  First, D realised he he had forgotten to bring any fleeces.  Luckily it was a fairly mild day. Then our planned walk in the hills above Prestatyn was thwarted by a closed road.  We managed to get to where we wanted to get to by parking right next to it, so the 4 mile walk along a ridge was shortened to about 10 minutes.

J looking for a geocache

On the way back we stopped of at Talacre for a short walk along the beach to the lighthouse.

The site is about a fifteen minute walk from Cheshire Oaks Designer Outlet Village, so we went there in the evening but didn't buy anything.  Had a nasty jacket potato in Spudulike (well, D's tuna and sweetcorn one was nasty, J's was ok), then retreated to the caravan with a bottle of wine.


A 25 minute journey home is great, and was trouble free.

This site is ok, but it's noisy and there isn't much for us to do in the area.  It's handy for a night out in Chester, but in future we might just stay for one night.  This trip was more about finding out if the caravan had survived the winter, which we did.  Apart from the leak all seems ok.

Coming soon...

We are hoping to go away again next weekend, and the weekend after, weather permitting.  Not sure where yet.

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