6 Mar 2022


4th to 6th March 2022

Our first trip of the year, and our first trip for about three and a half months.  We wanted somewhere quite close to our storage site and the Bridge House Marina and Caravan Park in Garstang seemed like the obvious choice.  Not a new site, we came here a few years ago, but it has changed dramatically, the main change being an excellent new facilities block, just about the best anywhere in our experience.


It's only a short drive from our storage site and we arrived around 1pm and settled in to pitch number 9.

Fortunately the motor mover worked, otherwise we would have been in trouble!  As did everything else in the caravan, so another winter survived! The moisture traps and bowls of salt did a great job.

Pitch number 9 is not the best pitch on the site, but okay for a two night stay.  Pitches are quite close together and the site was full, so it felt a bit cramped.  We were very excited to see another Venus opposite us. They are few and far between and this was even the same model

Garstang is only a short walk away, along the canal or by road.  We chose the more picturesque canal route.  It was a bit muddy in places but we made it and had a drink in one of the pubs in the high street and then dinner in Th'Owd Tithe Barn, which is right on the canal.


A walk to the top of nearby Nicky Nook, in glorious weather for the time of year.  A bit breezy at the top but otherwise excellent.

Great views from the summit trig point and nice easy walking.

In the afternoon we drove to Glasson Dock, only to find that there isn't really much there!  We were expecting it to have more attractions. Plus it was freezing cold! 

We arrived back at the site and headed for the onsite cafe bar Bridge 64, armed with our free hot drinks vouchers given at check in.  After a pot of tea, a latte and 2 cakes for just £3.60 we headed back to the caravan for showers and a nap.

As mentioned earlier, these are fabulous facilities. With showers, toilet and sink in one cubicle.

We thought about going back in to Garstang in the evening but instead had dinner in the caravan and a bottle of wine listening to themed playlists we created over the winter.  Fruits, boys names and body parts (mostly heart related!)  More fun that it sounds!


Breakfast in the on site cafe, then a very short drive back to our storage site.  We usually listen to The Archers omnibus on catchup, but its been a while since we did a long journey, so we missed about 6 weeks worth and had no idea what was going on!

We usually have to rush back on the last day to feed our cat, but sadly she passed away a few months ago. She was 18 and we had her longer than we have been caravanning.  It was very strange not to be setting up her automatic feeder before we set off, and seeing her run down the stairs to greet us when we got home!

All in all, a pretty good first trip of the year: excellent weather and no disasters in the caravan. We just need to keep repeating to ourselves...we don't want a narrowboat...we don't want a narrowboat...we can't afford a narrowboat!

Coming soon...

A three night trip to Coniston.

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