24 Apr 2022


 22nd to 24th April 2022

Our first visit of the year to the Kendal C&MC site, which has become one of our favourites in recent years.  It's easy to get to, has a nice pub nearby and the pitches are nicely spread out.


A traditional Friday start.  Hopes of getting dream pitch no. 21 (known as the honeymoon suite by the wardens!) were dashed when the journey took a lot longer than it should have due to traffic, but there aren't really any bad pitches here.

Our new hitch cover, ordered by D...J is not impressed!

It was a nice afternoon so we sat outside the caravan for a while and then headed to the nearby farm shop and then the Strickland Arms for a couple of pints. We sat in the beer garden which is very slopey and had to keep hold of our drinks!

Then it was back to the site for our first barbecue of the year.  It was just about warm enough!

We sat outside for as long as we could, until the cold drove us indoors!


Something a bit different today.  A walk from Grange-over-Sands along the promenade and then the "beach" to Humphrey Head.

Blue sky most of the time, but quite windy, and we had to rush a bit to get a train back to Grange-over-Sands from Kents Bank station at 13.20.  The alternative was a two hour wait for the next one or walking back!

We came to Humphrey Head many years ago with the kids, pre caravans, whilst staying at the nearby Haven site, but didn't get any further than the car park.  We found it a bit disappointing, we weren't into walking and outdoor stuff then.  It's actually a pretty nice place.  Apart from the savage dog that cornered us and wouldn't let us pass until it's owner intervened...eventually!  She did apologise!

Our walk was pretty inconvenient for the local sheep, we even interrupted their picnic...!

We made it back to the station with about ten minutes to spare.  In the distance we saw what looked like a group of people walking across the bay.  Too risky to do on our own, we think, but apparently there are guided walks from Arnside to Kents Bank.  Something for another day.

In the afternoon we had a look around Grange-over-Sands and then headed back to the site for an evening in.


A very uneventful journey home.

Coming soon...

A three night trip to our favourite site...the C&CC site at Ravenglass.  We are very excited, we haven't been for three years due to covid.

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